Naked Couples Yoga w/ Beth-*Must Have Partner*

December 1, 2018 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

On Saturdays, from Dec 1, 2018-March 30, 2019, your day yoga is included in your day fees. Be sure to let the office know that you are here for yoga when you arrive.

The Yoga schedule for Saturdays is:

10am Hatha Yoga –  This is a gentle but challenging class and able to adapt to any level.

11:15am  Yogi Tea Time – 45minutes to socialize with other yoga enthusiast

12pm   ConsciousConnectedCouples Yoga –  *must have a partner to stay*

Lupin’s gate open at 9 am    day fee   Couples$60 Singles $40

“You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga …
Yoga makes you flexible. Be patient with yourself.” BNYOGA

Enjoy the benefits of Hatha Yoga & Tantra Yoga – Partnered Yoga  deepens your connection with your partner and your own heart.

ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga class combines Tantra and Hatha yoga principles. Where partners come together support, explore and co-create with each other. The White Tantra Ritual will  be an intricate part of the class. You will use love, intention, breath and energy to manifest your true desires together. The energy builds with the use of the yoga postures and intimacy exercises. Touch, physical support and communication of desires, “being all in”  energetically and passionately with opens hearts. ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga helps your union to go beyond the physical into the spiritual. The purpose is not only for the physical benefits of yoga but the emotion support and connection that is created. You also experience a deepening  and expanding bond that deepens through each breathe. These practices give us a blue print to understanding our energetic and physical anatomy. To reclaim your pleasure and health.  This is a clothing optional event, disrobing or not to your own comfort.
Open to all sexual orientations -Couples Only. Clothing optional.

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