Body Acceptance: A Brief History of Social Nudity — 32 Comments

  1. My family of 4 with 2 kids that are both 14 would like to come but we don’t want to buy individual passes for everyone. Is there a family plan that we could buy?

  2. Hello! Me and my wife prepare for august a road trip across california. We come from quebec,canada and we want to see with you if we can sleep at lupinlodge 2 nights. We know it for a nudist and we want to try. I have 50 years old and my wife 46. Do you think it possible? We see for 13,14 august.
    Thanks for all!

  3. Very interested and have always wanted to go to a nude resort. My wife, not so much.
    Do you still offer one day passes? How much are they? What are your available hours and days?
    What is the general consensus on excessive body hair (front AND back), I have a lot.
    Also, what if I should get an erection, what happens then.

  4. This may be a weird question. My family (3 kids) are planning to visit. I understand it’s clothing optional, but are my children required to be nude in some areas? Are there many families with children?

    • Lupin is clothing optional, with the exception of the pool, sauna, and hot tub area where nudity is required. Swimming diapers are OK for small children. We have several families, including residents with children.

    • That is a common question. Nudists are not concerned with body parts, rather, Lupin celebrates the entire beautiful human body.

      • In other words, there should be no need to worry about the size or shape of ANY of your body parts. Brief glancing is normal; but long staring or gawking or commenting about body parts is rude, inappropriate; and may constitute harassment (and in some cases, sexual harassment; and is against nudist policy). Such behaviors are not tolerated at places such as Lupin ; and complaints will be addressed accordingly (e.g. “self-policing” and staff enforcement). So don’t worry.

  5. What happened to the wonderful pages on Body Acceptance that this website used to have? I was about to share it with someone interested in possibly coming, but the page seems to be missing. John

  6. Will be in San Jose in June, would like to know if I need to call ahead for a day visit or just show up? Looking forward to my trip.

  7. Never been at nudist naturist resort.
    Recent widower just giving up the idea of all the social restrictions on my life. A great loss of mine and collapse of my world. In my mid 60s and feel life is not the same anymore. It’s a different perspective I’m having that allows me an open mind as to its values.

  8. Tears…. That you for taking the time to acknowledge the pain and the old stories that we are working so hard to transform. I tell everyone I can, that, everyone looks beautiful naked. I am a mother of three, very beautiful, with stretch marks and all. I feel the collective pain, the ache of not feeling good enough. Thank you for acknowledging the struggle and reminding me of my bravery. Authenticly All,


  9. Do u have monthly rates. I will be coming for a job in Cupertino and need a cabin or rv rental for a year or so

    • Yes we do have yurts, cabins, and RV spaces at monthly rates. Call the office at 408-353-9200 for more information.

    • Children are always welcome at Lupin, and if they are under 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian, they are admitted for free.

  10. Hello there I am interested in heading to your campground what is the cost, open days of week and age range of the average guests. I am a mid 40s gay male and never been to a nude resort but very interested in trying it. please give me full details.

    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for your comment. Lupin is open every day, office hours are 9-5 Sunday through Thursday, and 9-9 Friday and Saturday. Gate fees are $25.00 for a day visit Monday through Thursday, and $35.00 Friday – Sunday. Lupin guests and members are all age ranges, and the resort is clothing optional with the exception of the pool, sauna, and hot tub area, which is nude only. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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