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This Weekend At Lupin — 20 Comments

  1. Hi,
    We (male & female) had signed up for the Bodyfest talent show to do a dance (approx <4min. and naked of course)but backed out when we realized that the event was being photographed and video recorded. We see that there's an open mic next Fri and are wondering if we could perform there as long as there's no recording that could end up on the internet.
    We are long time naturists but have to be discreet because of our public jobs.

    • There will be no recording of any kind. BodyFest is a special event, and photography is permitted, and releases are signed. Normally, photography is not permitted at Lupin. Please come up for Open Mike.

  2. Happy Birthday Amy on April 3rd – Now going on your 11th year!
    Go to the restaurant for your free birthday cake and ice cream on your birthday. After swimming in your birthday suit in the warm swimming pool of Lupin for the last 10 years, you deserve it. No wonder you are as good of a swimmer as you are!

  3. Hi,im interested in booking a visit one weekend, but I’m curious about if I brought my 14 year old. Besides the pool and etc, will he enjoy it? Do young teens come often? If so will he probably be lonely if he comes with me?

    • Thanks for your inquiry. We do have some teenagers that attend with their parents, but it depends on the weather. Is he comfortable with other’s nudity? We also have a basketball court,hiking trails, and there is usually a lively water volleyball game going on in the pool.

  4. Hi I’m interested in visiting lupin for a lazy day swim at the pool. Do I need to do anything once I arrive?

  5. Would like to visit Lupin soon. Do you have rules & reg available on the website? I read this facility is non-erotic but what about erection and a little more than a romance activity in public??

  6. Hello I would like to spend Friday night with My lady at your establishment. How much for the two of us and what special activities are there Friday night?

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