Profile: Who Goes to Lupin?

By welcoming visitors from all cultural origins, Lupin has attracted a cosmopolitan membership of many adults (plus an unrecorded number of their children), most of whom live within a 100 mile radius of the club’s South Bay Area site near Los Gatos.

Lupin members and guest visitors tend to be courteous, open-minded, well-educated, positive-thinking, self-directed people conscious of the world around them.

About 60% of the adults are part of a couple or family, and 40% are single. The overall gender mix is 58% male and 42% female, with a single male to single female ratio of about 2 to 1.

A June 1995 random survey sampled a wide diversity of ages and incomes among the people visiting Lupin:

18-35 21
36-45 31
46-55 35
56-65 11
66-80 3
Under $10K 8
$10K to $20K 8
$20K to $30K 13
$30K to $40K 8
$40K to $50K 8
$50K to $60K 17
$60K to $70K 13
$70K to $80K 4
$80K to $90K 8
$90K to 100K 4
Over $100K 8

All in the sample had earned a high school diploma. About 79% were college graduates, while the remaining 21% had completed some college. Some 49% had undertaken post-graduate studies, and over 35% had earned advanced degrees.

About 14% of the sample identified themselves as a racial minority, while 86% responded as “white”, though perhaps deeply tanned.

Almost every occupational choice is represented among the membership, from high tech to high touch. Engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, musicians, scientists, writers, contractors, students, executives, retirees, professionals, home managers and countless other working roles seem to find common ground in nude recreation at Lupin, though how one earns a living is not usually a very important topic.

Body acceptance and mutual respect are the basic unifying values.