Admission Fees

24-Hour Membership Fee (per adult)
Day Visit Only (9am – Midnight)
    Monday – Thursday $25/Adult
    Friday – Sunday (& Holiday) $50/Couple
Overnight/After hours $15/Adult
Full 24-hour Visit $80/Couple
$50/Single (Weekend)
$40/Single (Mon-Thur)
Preferred Guest Rates – YNAI or TNS Cardholders:
Day Visit (Only) $20/Adult
Overnight/After hours $10/Adult
Full 24-hour visit $60/Couple
Minor Children accompanied by their parents are admitted free.

    Preferred Guest Rates are offered to Students (age 18-25 with college I.D.), Lupin AssociatesGold Member Guests, members of The Naturist Society (TNS), INF (International Naturist Federation),YNA (Young Naturists International ) and recognized landed clubs with facilities and a reciprocal policy for Lupin members.  Those not qualifying for Preferred Guest Rates may otherwise gain admission only through some form of Lupin membership.

    A 24-Hour Membership (above) is available on a daily/per-visit fee basis.  It includes full use of the grounds and free admission to most entertainment.  Accommodations and food are extra.  (For better values explore what other types of Lupin membership are available.)