Introductory Day Visit

First-timers to nude recreation and to Lupin are generally given a short orientation to begin their initial visit.

Though the policy is officially “clothing-optional”, body acceptance and social nudity are customary and traditional at Lupin. Its members support the club as their clothes-free sanctuary, and especially on a warm, sunny day, naturally assume that visitors and guests come to participate rather than to gawk.

If available, a walking tour may be provided. The initial walking tours of the grounds are normally done without clothing other than comfortable footwear. Carrying a towel on the tour is encouraged as it provides both hygienic seating and an all-purpose security blanket until the novelty of nudity fades in consciousness, usually much sooner than imagined.

Most people use their vehicles as their lockers during a Lupin visit. Do remember to remove your vehicle’s keys before locking the doors.