Your Invitation to Visit

Lupin is a 110-acre private club and resort where social nudity is a long-valued choice of the membership. It’s a comfortable place to play and relax, entirely free of clothes, cares and unnatural taboos about the human form.

You, your family and friends are invited to visit Lupin to experience the unique feeling of freedom it has afforded many thousands since its founding in 1936. Lupin offers a wholesome integration of body, mind and spirit in a beautiful, Eden-like setting.

Each body finds acceptance at Lupin, as the diversity is endless. You can appreciate your own unique physique as the special gift of life that it is and just be yourself naturally. The feeling is profoundly relaxing and fundamentally liberating.

Simply call the Lupin Lodge office at (408) 353-9200 for reservations. Upon your arrival, when you register at the office, we will require that you show an official photo ID such as your driver’s license, state ID, or passport (a work badge is not acceptable).