Doing Something New For New Year’s

Over the years, I have felt the pressure of the New Year’s eve plans. I have thought out every detail that would be part of the night until my head hurt. Details like my outfit selection, my outing itinerary and finding a way home. Few New Year’s have been able to compare to the fun I had on NYE 2018 where I accessorized in courage and spent the night at the Lupin Lodge NYE party.

It was my first New Year’s Eve at Lupin. Being at a venue that was a clothing-optional resort, I wasn’t sure what to expect (or to wear) as I got dressed in a black lace dress, fake eyelashes and sneakers. I felt a bit nervous about being here and a bit excited to have plans on New Year’s where I would be able to bring in the new year in nature and knew that I would not have to drive in the wee hours of 2018 to get home.

When I arrived, I was excited to see familiar friendly faces and equally excited to some new ones. This highlights one of the biggest benefits of being part of this community; enjoying an event with the friendly familiars who are encouraging and warm to a newcomer. People looked really nice all dressed up as they mingled with each other, ready to celebrate 2018 and welcome 2019. The understanding of our etiquette and culture was set as an undertone of the night, so it felt really safe to be a single woman dancing among these new friends.

As the night progressed so did the amount of clothes leaving bodies. Although I don’t dance naked (and many others don’t), the freedom and happiness felt among those around me was contagious. The band, Groovy Judy, was playing the hits. The crowd was soaking it in and genuinely enjoying themselves as the music moved them. Song after song, the dance floor was filled with inspired bodies until after midnight.

This year, Lupin is doing it again. Their ‘All That Glitters’ New Year’s Eve party is sure to be fun, safe and welcoming event for naturists, nudists and their friends who like party apparel. Prime rib, cornish game hens and a vegetarian dish are on the menu. The Dan Goghs are coming to perform for us as we dance into 2019. And yurts and camping sites are available to those who would like to wake up in nature. Likeminded people who celebrate our culture and understand the etiquette of social nudity are invited to come early, book a yurt and dance in the new year. Please see the flyer on our calendar or call the office for more information.

NYE Party

All the best to you!


Saturday, the 25th: Lupin Lodge 83rd Anniversary woo hoo!

Lupin Lodge events on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nature Trail Hike 11 am

Mancala Madness, 2pm

Go Go Go Games, 4pm

Story Slam with Rochelle

Lupin Lodge Birthday Balloon Dance & Costume Contest, T&MB, 8pm