BodyFest 2017 6/18-19


Free your body and mind through music, art, dance, performances, photography, games, and contests. Stay in one of the comfortable yurts, pitch a tent or just come for the day. Saturday activities peak with the afternoon Nude Olympics where everyone competes in fun and easy games and challenges. Then later that day slow down with body painting, mud painting, water games, massage, or just hanging out! While at Lupin Lodge enjoy the hot tub, swimming pool, courts, trails, and restaurant. Bring your friends! Make new friends! Are you new to this?… come and try this safe, fun, non-sexual, way of exploring body-freedom. This is a participatory, high-energy event, so please be up to this if you attend.

Tree Spirit Project at Lupin

photo2photo1This weekend, as part of the Western Naturist Gathering, photographer Jack Gescheidt of the Tree Spirit Project took these wonderful shots. The late great, warm-hearted Lupin legend, Glyn Stout, was here with us all in spirit, among redwoods, sun, lawn and adjacent waterfall.

You can purchase prints of these fantastic shots here.


Volleyball Schedule Announced.

Lupin Volleyball, as illustrated on the cover of The Naturist Society's magazine, Nude & Natural 18.1.

Lupin Volleyball, as illustrated on the cover of The Naturist Society’s magazine, Nude & Natural 18.1.

2016 Volleyball Schedule

Come up to paradise and play volleyball au naturel!  Here are the dates:
4/16  5/7  6/4  7/9  8/13  9/10  10/8
Tournaments start at 11:00 AM, special gate fees for those who are not yet Lupin members.

Dessert’s on YOU! Again!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Treat yourself to Lupin’s sweetest event of the year.
Indulge yourself in Chocolate Body Painting.
Dine on decadent delicacies in the restaurant.
Feast on Chocolate Fondue.
Dance to the delicious sounds of LA DJs Broadway Joe and Anita.
Adults only!

Buy Tickets Here 

Discover Lupin Lodge,, a clothing optional resort set in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. After your evening of chocolate fantasy, enjoy our hot tub and sauna under the moonlit starry sky. You just might not want to leave, so call the office at 408-353-9200 to reserve your private heated yurt and spend the night. You’ll wake up to birds singing and peaceful deer on the lawn.

Couples are welcome! Bring a friend, choose the couples option for tickets, and save money!

Fondue and dinner tickets available.

Dinner Menu

Choice of

Spinach Pear Salad with Chocolate Vinaigrette


Spicy Tomato & Chocolate Soup


Choice of

Traditional Chocolate Chicken Mole


Artisan Vegetable Turnover with mushrooms (vegetarian)

Entrees served with seasonal roasted vegetables.


Beverage not included. Beer and wine selections available.

$25.00 for dance and body painting per person

$45.00 for dance and body painting per COUPLE

$35.00 for dance and body painting AND Fondue per person

$65.00 for dance and body painting AND Fondue per COUPLE

$40.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner per person

$75.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner per COUPLE

$50.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner AND Fondue per person

$90.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner AND Fondue per COUPLE


Member Prices

$10.00 for dance and body painting AND Fondue per person

$25.00 for dance and body painting AND Fondue per COUPLE

$15.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner per person

$30.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner per COUPLE

$25.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner AND Fondue per person

$45.00 for dance and body painting AND Dinner AND Fondue per COUPLE

Glyn Stout Memorial, December 5, 2015


“Thanks for the memories of thousands of sun soaked hours in your garden of delights.

Thanks for bringing together lifelong friends for us.” Sharon and Rob 

On December 5, 2015 people from all across the United States and many other countries gathered for a memorial held for Glyn Stout, the long-time owner of Lupin Lodge, husband of Lupin CEO, Lori Stout and loving father of his twin daughters, Simone and Samara. It was a momentous event evoking a huge outpouring of love and respect for Glyn and his legacy. The number of cards, letters and emails that were received was far beyond expectation.

“So grateful for the gift Glyn bestowed on me, the invaluable gift of self-acceptance. You will forever be in my heart.” Christa

The event included the memorial celebration held in the restaurant and a tree planting ceremony held on the fountain lawn and was masterfully organized and hosted by Cindy and Cliff, who gave a very moving speech.  Charlie played classical guitar throughout and Lori played the hauntingly beautiful Kulingtang. Simone and Samara honored their dad with soulful remembrances interspersed with humor and unforgettable imagery.  They were articulate, posed and beautiful; their presence was yet another great testimony to their father’s values and love.

“Glyn has been influential presence in my life over the last 16 years. I’ll always remember his gentle touch, positive outlook, humble ways, and beautiful smile filled with understanding of what really matters in life. His memory will remain in my soul forever, for he was a magnificent human being who I adored, appreciated and loved.”  Lanner

Several speakers recalled the contribution Glyn has made to the community and the value his life added to so many including Charlie, John B. and Sal C.  Cindy sang an touching acapella rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song, “Hallelujah.”  Margaret gifted us with “Amazing Grace” and Jack G. played the piano and sang Woody Guthrie’s “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You” as the audience joined in on the chorus and shed some more tears. Walt honored Glyn by playing “Danny Boy” on the violin, and Veny struck the chimes seventy seven times, one for each year of Glyn’s life.

“When I think of Lupin, I think of Glyn and his warm loving family. I only hold good memories when it comes to remembering Glyn– a leader, a father, husband, and a role model. He help me to feel welcome here at Lupin.”  Cate

Certainly a highlight of the event was the professional quality movie produced by Julie and Ralph of Glyn’s life from birth to the present, rich with photos of Glyn and a superb background score.

To honor Glyn’s service as an officer in the U.S. Navy, navy personnel conducted a Flag ceremony including a performance of “Taps” and presentation of the U.S.  flag to Lori Kay. Rochelle read some poetry she wrote to honor Glyn, but the most moving reading was Glyn’s own words from “The common Sense Guide to Living at Lupin” from the last chapter (“One Day at a time”).

A tree was planted so Lupin would always have a living reminder of Glyn — a fitting memorial for one who loved this land as much as he did.  As each of us added a little soil into the hole for the tree, we could almost feel Glyn’s presence there with us.

“Thank you for being a champion for women. Thanks for hanging in there when times got tough for Lupin”

The group then shared a delicious meal together which featured some of Glyn’s favorite foods. While enjoying eating together, people gathered in small groups to share memories and stories of their times with Glyn.  Many wrote out their personal tribute to Glyn on cards that were hung on the Christmas tree.

All in all, the event was a fitting and poignant tribute to a unique man who was such an inspiration and role model for so many.  He will long be remembered!

“It is amazing what he has created over his lifetime – a beautiful setting called Lupin.” Ducojan

Glyn Stout’s Legacy

glyn_TrailRich, Anonymous and Free

At 77, Glyn Stout has survived multiple wars, life threatening illnesses, one knee replacement, corporate battles, the Lexington fire of 1985, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and to top it off, he’s the father of twin teenage daughters. He’s done much of all this while living in the nude at Lupin Lodge. The story of the naturist resort’s owner is as fascinating as the history of the 80 year old paradise in the redwoods.

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, by a single mother, Glyn’s first experience in social nudity was swimming in the pool at the local YMCA. In those days, nudity was required in the men’s pool, like nudity is required in the pool at Lupin. He went on to become a student at Yale, which at that time had an all male student body. Nudity was required in that pool, too.

After graduating from Yale in 1960, he went to OCS, became an officer and a navigator in the US Navy, and served his country in the Cold War and Vietnam era. After completing his active duty, he pursued and completed his MBA at Stanford Business School in 1966 while serving in the Navy Reserves. He married his first wife in the chapel at Stanford, and the two of them lived for a brief time in Fresno while he began his corporate career.

Glyn read an article in the Fresno Bee that talked about a small naturist club near their home. They decided to go for a visit, and soon learned that they enjoyed the nudist lifestyle, and visited regularly. They met a couple of similar interests who told them about Lupin, and that’s where the love story between him and over 100 acres of beauty began.

When they moved from Fresno to Santa Clara in 1967, they began visiting Lupin often as an escape from the pressure cooker of their fast paced jobs. Glyn developed a sophisticated inventory management system for a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor. Using a program he wrote for the IBM 360 card system, the company expanded exponentially in the next several years. Glyn helped open several new divisions, and was made President and CEO before age 40.

While his corporate career skyrocketed, his love of naturism and Lupin blossomed. He visited as often as possible, and in 1977, formed a business partnership with fellow member Laura Boswell to operate a lease on the property from the owners. He invested his corporate resources and used his experience to improve the property,

After he left his career in what later became Silicon Valley, moved to Lupin full time to run it with Laura. His marriage ended amicably in 1976; in fact, both he and his wife used the same divorce attorney, a Lupin member who also lives full time at the community.

During the late seventies and the early 80’s, Lupin’s membership grew while Glyn and Laura improved the resort cosmetically. In 1983, he bought out Boswell’s partnership, and took over the day to day operations of the resort while enjoying a lifestyle he loved.

During the devastating 1985 Lexington forest fire, he was terrified because the wildfire was heading straight for Lupin. Thankfully, the firefighters used Lupin as a base camp, and all of the resort’s structures were spared. Some of the nature trails that Glyn had painstakingly carved out were destroyed for the creation of a fire break, but no buildings or lives were lost. He still remembers how frightening it was to have the fire right above where the swimming pool still sits, and how miraculous it was to have rain in July. The summer is usually completely dry at Lupin.

Lupin was not so lucky after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The restaurant and lodge were destroyed, several buildings slid off their foundations, and one of the pools was lost. In order to rebuild, Glyn exercised his purchase option with the owners in 1990. The clubhouse restaurant was completely rebuilt with a new design and location on the property, and membership in the private club grew even more. In 2001, Glyn married Lori Kay, an accomplished artist and sculptor who first came to Lupin while a student at UCSC. She later gave birth to beautiful mirror- identical twin girls, now teenagers. The entire family still lives at Lupin. Glyn believes that his daughters are the most significant part of his life’s odyssey.

In the past decade, while still very involved in day to day operations of the resort, Glyn has weathered three major health crises, two recessions and multiple droughts. In 2006, he retired from active management and appointed Lori Kay as CEO. At 75, he spearheaded the installation of an ecologically sound water system, a gravity powered slow-sand filtration system for Lupin’s natural spring-fed sources. This will insure Lupin will have plenty of clean drinking water for future generations of naturists. This was no small task; multiple government agencies looked at every step of the project under a microscope. Glyn made sure that everything met their rigorous standards. So far the system is working well.

Glyn said that he realized near the end of his corporate career that what he thought he really wanted most in his life was to be “Rich, anonymous and free”. His definition of that life has changed for him these many years later. For Glyn, rich is no longer defined by possessions and material wealth. Rather, Glyn says that he is rich in peace, surrounded by the beauty of Lupin and the love of his family and friends. However, anyone visiting will see that he has accomplished all this during his love story with Lupin. They’ll also probably see him, won’t know he is the owner. He will just tell you his name is Glyn. Or maybe not.

Written by Cindy Gregory