Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort

A Woman-Owned and Operated Nudist Resort in the Beautiful Los Gatos Mountains
Est. 1935

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Why Visit Lupin Lodge?

Lupin nurtures the Mind, Body and Spirit. Experience nude yoga, clothing optional hiking, tennis, volleyball, art classes and of course, nude sunbathing around the pool.

Owner of Lupin Lodge Podcast Interview

Lori Kay Owner of Lupin Lodge Podscat Interview
While host Samuel Donner experiences his first Nude interview, Lori Kay answers his questions showing vulnerability, the strength to overcome and extreme perseverance as a woman, wife, mother and business owner. This is a very deep interview which will especially resonate with women.

Fun Recreation

Fun Nude Recreation
Lupin offers a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, nude sunbathing, volleyball court, tennis court, petanque and a clubhouse lounge for rainy days and special off-site retreats and events.

Nude Yoga & Meditation

Nude Yoga in Santa Cruz Mountains
Lupin offers Nude Yoga on weekends. There is no greater release and rejuvenation than feeling the sunshine enjoying outdoor naked yoga in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.
Lupin's mission is to provide a clean, safe, healthy natural and nurturing clothing-optional environment for people to come and feel free in body, mind and spirit.

Your Weekend Getaway

Overnight Accommodation at Lupin
Consider an enchanting overnight in an yurt or camping under the stars, enjoy pool time or a game of tennis all in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains 30 minutes from Silicon Valley.

Lupin Events & Activities

Events and Activities at Lupin Lodge Los Gatos
Lupin Lodge has an active activity calendar and an award winning restaurant. Subscribe to our newsletter "This Week at Lupin" to get the latest weekend events.
“The freedom to be me”
“The total sensations of sun, air and water”
“No more soggy swimsuits”
“A direct connection with nature”
“Rearranges the gender-power equation”
“The feeling of total acceptance”
“A truly spiritual experience”

This Weekend At Lupin!

Get the Latest!
Check out what's scheduled for the upcoming weekend at Lupin Lodge. You can also read blog posts, learn about overnight rental opportunities and more.

Lupin Art Workshops

Lupin Art Workshops
Lupin Art Workshops allow you to create your Life Art interpretation of the Human nude. You are also welcome to create your masterpiece clothing-free to connect deeper with your inner creative energy.

Your Event @ Lupin

Corporate Events at Lupin Lodge Los Gatos
Hold your event or retreat at Lupin Lodge! We have the facilities to make your event a total success. The clubhouse offers a multiple rooms and Yurts offer breakout rooms.

Lupin History

Corporate Events at Lupin Lodge Los Gatos
Founded in 1935, Lupin has survived adversity, hard times and creditors for more than three-quarters of a century. In spite of that, Lupin remains an idyllic spot nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. . .

Lupin Lodge is a nudist resort. You may encounter nudity on this website.

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