A (sort of) Farewell Letter

Dear folks who actually read this thing,

I will for the most part be stepping back from my role at Lupin. For those of you who might actually miss my face in the office and as Front of the House in the restaurant, I wish you all a fond farewell. I will miss talking to you and providing you libations in my campaign to Liquor up Lupin, as well as seeing your smiling faces at checkin and hearing your stories upon checkout. But fear not—I will remain developing/compiling/editing/ruining the This Weekend at Lupin (TWAL) newsletter.

For those with whom I have been lucky enough to work here, I will miss you too. Though I am leaving in a work capacity only, and will remain here as your friend, I want you all to know that I have been truly blessed to work with all of you, and I have loved being part of your family.

With love (I swear I’m not dying of consumption even though it kind of reads that way),

Sierra R.

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