So often I have said that what we all need to feel seen, heard and appreciated. This month I feel deeply about focusing on appreciation. Last week I spent 4 days in a hospital having some internal problems taken care of and the nurses that took care of me were truly care givers.  My appreciation for them was off the charts and I let them know every moment.  They appreciated my appreciation and so the level of appreciation was totally reciprocal.
Letting those in your life who serve you with their love know how much you appreciate them opens not only their hearts, but yours as well. I realized how much appreciating and being appreciated means in terms of LOVE and I recommend it as the most potent healing medicine available and it is free, no cost, no taxes, no shipping and handling.  It can be sent any where and to anyone at any time.  Waste no time start right away let those behind counters, first responders, front line workers, co workers, family and friends know you appreciate them and what they do.  It made my day, may it make yours as well.
Hospitality Director at Lupin Lodge

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