We feel safe and healthy when the world we visit is clean.

No detritus on the roads and lawns, clean bathrooms, pool area, trails easy to access with no heavy twigs, branches or overgrown greenery to impede our way and cause injury.

Plants, art work, places to sit and hang out by the pool make us feel comfortable and therefore safe.

Therefore, I wish to say how much I appreciate those at Lupin who keep it so clean. It is not only I, but so many old timers, long term members (people who have a history with Lupin) have remarked, it’s so much cleaner, nicer now. They feel safer, happier to be here so they can de-stress (my motto for Lupin, come to Lupin to undress and de-stress.)

I once heard this phrase or words to that effect, “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.” I don’t know how true that is but I do know that cleanliness makes us feel comfortable. There’s a feeling of health and well-being attached to it which makes us feel safe.

And cleanliness is not just in our surroundings but in what we think and say and act. There is dirty language, coarse behavior, anger and fear that can pollute our atmosphere. But if we express kindness, caring (which is not messy), we feel safe, and healthy and healthy living is clean living.

Lupin Rochelle
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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