Angry Woman

We Complain

Sometimes we complain a lot.
Why do we complain?  
Someone once said: “Don’t complain. Do something. Fix it instead!”  
But that is exactly why we complain. We don’t know what to do, how to handle the situation or deal with someone. Fix it? We feel powerless.
I’m constantly complaining about my computer not doing what I expect it to do.  Now I don’t complain very much about the things people do because I do not expect people to be perfect, but I foolishly expect my computer to be perfect or come pretty close and not being a computer savvy individual I feel powerless.  And to me that is the clue to complaining, it is something to do.  
We have some power over the situation when we complain.  As the ear of many complaints, I must admit sometimes it is tiring. But if, and when, I am able to just listen without judgment. . .the complainer usually feels better because they did something and someone was witness so they were somewhat fulfilled. I truly believe when I can reach the point where I no longer expect my computer to be perfect, I just might learn more about how to fix it. So as to listening to the complaints of others about others, sometime listening is enough and sometimes if I listen astutely I just might be able to offer advice on how to fix it because I’m people savvy. So if this is about taking back power it behooves us to ask ourselves, can I fix this, if not let us find a willing ear and complain.
-Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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