Dealing With Change

Changes are coming, changes are here. Everything is constantly changing, we are constantly changing. Even our resistance to change is changing according to what we are in resistance to.
A familiar knee jerk reaction has been to resist change because even if life is uncomfortable it is familiar and if it changed it might get worse.

The biggest resistance to change is that it is out of our control like natural changes, seasons, weather, internal and physical changes. We mature, we grow older, we die. And then there are global and world changes which seem completely out of our control like wars and pandemics.

In fact, the only thing constant is change. From the moment we are conceived, we begin to change. Not one of us is the same as we were at 2 years old, or ten years old, or 13 years old…okay maybe it seems like we’re still teenagers even though our mirrors just laugh at that image.
So there is individual change, collective change, situational change, and global change.

But the only thing that matters personally is how we react to those changes. Do we resist them? Can we change them for the better?  Do they depress us? What do they teach us about ourselves?

When I embrace change, I change for the better, I grow as a person. When I resist change,  it hurts. Errol wrote this line: “Resistance is what we add to pain to make it last longer and hurt more”.

It seems like a no-brainer. I am one for embracing change.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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