Earthdance 2019: A Sacred Seed in the South Bay

Earthdance: A Sacred Seed is Coming!

Join us to dance with over 100 countries for the 20th annual EARTHDANCE: A Sacred Seed in the South Bay. Earthdance brings people together in a single moment of focused intention. Our festival, Earthdance South Bay is Ecstatic Dance event at the naturist resort, Lupin Lodge. This day of workshops, lectures and evening jam is synchronized with with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, benefitting a local non profit: Burners Without Borders!

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Earthdance 2019 at Lupin
2019 marks the 23rd year Earthdance International has organized events throughout the world, bringing people together in a single moment of focused intention. Our synchronized peace meditation takes place along with with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

Whether you are new to ecstatic dance, or it’s an old pastime of yours, everyone can come and enjoy this powerful transformative experience. Ecstatic dance opens up space for folks to be vulnerable, and can provide an introduction to the feeling of truly being authentic for the first time. We are using this event as an opportunity to co-create a non-verbal, barefoot, mutually respectful and substance-free space with an atmosphere of safety, sacred intention, healing, and fun. With all of the satellite groups practicing ecstatic dance in the Bay Area, we are proud to be coming together in community to share these best practices along with the intentional prayer for peace.

The venue, Lupin Lodge is nestled on 110+ acres in the Santa Cruz mountains just outside of the city of Los Gatos. It was established as a naturist resort/gated community for nudist in 1935. The space has changed hands a few times. On November 12, 2015 Glyn Stout, owner of Lupin Lodge passed away unexpectedly from an aortic aneurysm. He was survived by his wife Lori and twin daughters. Lupin is currently women-owned and operated! This is a monumental opportunity to use the healing power of music to cleanse, bless and empower this 110+ acres of land that has been a set aside for the practice of social nudity which has always been intended to be a safe space for women. Lupin is a family friendly, clothing optional venue and to protect the intention of this community, the pool, hot tub, sauna area is nude only and will be open 24/7. Lupin is looking forward to hosting this ecstatic dance prayer for peace Earthdance with its community.

Things to consider bringing:

  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Pool Sandals
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Something for alter?
  • Chair?
  • Tent
  • Camping gear
  • Snacks

Our restaurant will be open for extended hours of course Or pack your own cooler and drinks.

We will have water refill stations.

Lupin members are free! Donations always welcome.

Don’t forget you can come celebrate the equinox and start your Earthdance celebration early on Friday night at Lupin Lodge. Friday night camping is included! Come early for a swim or hike, drumming and song and (SAFE) fire side celebration. We will also be screening a special film about ecstatic dance. Start your equinox and Earthdance off with some sacred, gentle energy at Lupin!

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