Feeling Safe

I have not recently thought about being safe especially in a place like Lupin which feels like a natural womb with it’s abundance of tall trees and flowering bushes, and its’ friendly personnel. But I wasn’t thinking of a place so much as what, and with whom do I feel safe and how can I make others feel safe.

I realized what makes me feel safe with people? Friendly eyes, a sincere smile, feeling appreciated, feeling seen, and feeling heard. Sharing laughter is a strong safety net.

I also realized that if that is what makes me feel safe with others, then that is what I can give forth to others: appreciate them, see them, hear them, share a smile, find something to to laugh about. In a time when feeling safe is questionable we can all do our part to see each other in a caring way to alleviate the fears that tend to separate us.

Lupin Rochelle

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