From Darkness to Light

Submitted by RAS


It’s 2020, a year of many challenges.  For me, the biggest is staying centered when the world around and within me seems to be falling apart.  Climate change intensifying, an ever-threatening pandemic, wildfires closer than comfortable and the ash from those fires darkening the skies.

The darkened skies had interrupted the work of the sun to light up the world and nurture life.  Everything sparkled in the sun, everything easily seen.  But then it wasn’t there.

“Oh, the sun was, but not the light, it was dark.”

Even when the sun couldn’t be completely blocked out by the darkness it took on the appearance of a red moon in an early evening sky.

And slowly, very slowly, my light, my exuberance for life was being affected and I was tilting away from my center, and I felt as dark as the skies.   The signs were clear but I felt heavy-hearted, depressed, easily annoyed, in resistance to everything and I wanted to cloister myself.

I have a plug-in flashlight that goes on when the electricity goes off.  I like to think when the world’s lights go off, my inner light will automatically go on.  My inner light is powered by Love filled with the energy of creativity, non-resistance and joy.  So, once I acknowledged my light had gone out, like that flashlight, it did go on.  And then, with a lightened heart, it lit up my way as I stepped gingerly and creatively with no resistance into the darkened world.

Thank you for joining me on my “sometimes amusing musings”

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