Growing Older with Grace

I am an eighty-year-old woman soon to be eighty-one.  As I grow much older, (anything over 80 deserves the word much in front of the word older), I joyfully wish to support growing older with grace. **

In my life I have had many epiphanies and though they all felt and sounded wise and inspiring I knew they were meaningless to me unless I acted on them.

When I realized the many aspects of Divine Love, and I gleaned what it was, I became aware that I had experienced it as an actress, a mother, in awesomeness, in the creative process and in grace. I felt that now I was being asked to live my day to day life in that state.

Everything in my life changed as a result of that awareness.  It became more peaceful, I moved from moments of fear to love faster just by recognizing that I was off course.

I am still growing in this awareness. Every day and with every encounter I have, whether with a person or a situation, I am faced with choosing to be in this new state or to be reactive and make choices out of fear.

Grace is like having really good shock absorbers on your vehicle while driving on a rutted road filled with many potholes.  Life is full of potholes.  Do we want to be bounced around or do we want a smoother ride?  The challenges of life will always be there.  Our humanness, especially where we are as a species in time, will always be confronted with storms, earthquakes, new viruses, mean spirited people and accidents to mention a few heavy encounters we may have along the way.  We may not be able to change that but how we receive them and act upon them can be a choice. We can choose to grow older with grace.

Living in Grace is exuberant and is rarely ever dull.  It is joyful, peaceful, creative, connected and, like a well-oiled mechanism, non-resistant.  It is like doing inner Tai Chi flowing like a leaf on a stream, humming a melody that you never heard, and experiencing the awesomeness of the natural world and its myriad life forms. It is being able to bend with the wind without breaking. It is tuning into the unknown and bringing it into the known.

It is being open to having true* connections with others, situations or things that enable us to create new realities. And those realities add depth to who and what I am. In short I love living, growing older, with Grace

I will be offering an evening of ”Growing Older with Grace” in early October watch for announcements of it, Gracefully yours, Rochelle



**without judgment either good or bad

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