It’s February the Month Devoted to LOVE

It’s February, the month devoted to LOVE. . .everywhere you go you’ll see hearts, candy, flowers, buy something for a loved one etc. In our language, we have only one word for all the kinds of love there are.
The Greeks had three, Filial, Eros, and Agape. Filial love for family, friends, things, and actions. Eros for the romantic and Agape for divine Love. When my children were little and I would proclaim that I loved something, they would reply, “do you want to marry it?” The emotions behind all our love are no less real and sometimes potent. Love propels us to be more caring, harmonious, joyful, creative, and happy no matter which kind of love we are experiencing. Love is awesome, can’t always be rational, but can always be felt. For me as hospitality director of Lupin, love is hospitable, open to truly seeing, hearing, and appreciating those I come into daily contact with. For this I am truly grateful.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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