Ladies of Lupin: Women and Nudism

Let’s talk about the power of consent.

When a woman comes to Lupin, or another nudist resort, they generally are not here for sex. They are here to be nude for themselves and nobody else. To feel the breeze on their skin, the wind in their hairs – or lack thereof – and the sun on their faces. This is a place for that most fundamental of powers – the power of consent. Here, women consent to have a nice, freeing time and nothing else. It is powerful to be able to have this kind of control – to have autonomy over one’s own body when unclothed. To feel not vulnerable, but comfortable. This is the feeling that women want when coming to establishments like this.

“To feel not vulnerable, but comfortable”

Women want to come to nudist resorts and beaches to escape the world of being sexually objectified or being judged by their looks. Men, though they also have this issue, have historically had less of an issue being ogled and objectified. Historically and societally woman are judged by their appearance over their education, accomplishments, character, and intelligence. Here, we celebrate self-confidence and accepting not only all body sizes, but all body ages and all body types. It’s all about self-acceptance.

Here, people are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, with or without the influence of alcohol, and control whatever urges or physical reactions might (pardon the pun) come up. We believe in separating nudity and sexuality, and are about making women feel safe.

“This is a very safe place,” staff member Glory, says. “We’ve created a culture that diminishes the gawking. Just because women don’t have any clothes on doesn’t mean men can grope them with their eyes. Men are generally very respectful here.”

The ability to strip off the day, and be comfortable in one’s own skin is very important. There’s no modesty, or false modesty, there is no equating nudity to sexuality or slut shaming. The goal is simply the joy of self-acceptance.

“We’re body positive, and we’ve been woman-owned and operated for a long time,” says owner Lori Kay.

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