Looking Back at Bodyfest Weekend: Oct 1-3

It was a Bodyfest Weekend here at Lupin, and Christy and Lori Kay did a great job. There was an outstanding number of guests enjoying the wonderful events scheduled for the weekend. Friday evening kicked off the event with Dinner on the Lawn and a Falconry demonstration by Kenny, then Sara took the stage with the Spoken Word complete with ice cream and ice breakers. Afterward, John P. led a costumed Karaoke Party that was a very big hit. Sara, who is a magnificent hula hooper, gave hula hoop instructions at 8:30.

Saturday morning had Yoga on the pool Lawn and then at noon Lori welcomed everybody to Bodyfest. There was a hike at 1, and from 12 to 6 there was music on the lawn with some wonderful musicians including our house favorites Darren and Charlie. Also starting at 1 and running into the evening there was body painting executed by Paola and Christy—and judging from the bodies that were painted, it was wonderful. At 2, Mindy led a Nude Impression where art and the body meet to become printmaking. Thank you, Mindy, for your energy and expertise in leading and cheerleading so many events for Bodyfest. At 3:30, Rochelle led a body centered Theatre Improv which proved to be very meaningful to some of the attendees. Nude Olympics and games led by Mindy happened at 4:30. At 6 there was Dinner on the Lawn—Thank you Chef Michelle for your wonderful culinary gifts from all who enjoyed every meal you prepared for them! At 7 The Glow in the Dark Dance featured DJs Anthonia and Ash and glow in the dark body painting.

On Sunday morning at 11 there was Yoga on the pool lawn and at 1 Michael led QiGong on the fountain lawn. Then there were kids art and games at 2 on the pool lawn, and that wrapped up a wonderful Bodyfest.

If you still are interested in listening to  “Insight Out the Naked Truth” with Errol and Rochelle , you can catch their shows on line at  www. TheLaughingHeart.org.  Because of the fast spreading Delta Variant all indoor activities will require masks, vaccinated or not. But to insure safety do get vaccinated! “If you can laugh at yourself you’ll have fun all day long” RAS.

Happy Birthday to Cindy G and Mindy H.

~ And So It Was ~



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