Looking Back ~ July 14 -18

For the first time since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 Lupin was closed, events cancelled for the weekend and guests were turned away. We had a drought emergency and some crucial upgrades were required for our water system. We asked members and guests to contribute 3 gallons of water to help out and are looking to open as soon as possible. Before all events were cancelled on Friday evening, we were treated to the singing of Alheli Yurama. And then, Lupin was quiet although the pool and hot tub were open for those that were already here.

We thank everyone who has been so very considerate of the situation and contributed water.

If you still are interested in listening to “ Insight Out the Naked Truth” with Errol and Rochelle, which requires no water. . .you can catch their shows on line at www.thelaughingheart.org. Thanks to the wonderful amount of vaccinations in Santa Clara County we are almost to a state of pre-Covid normalcy. To those who are not vaccinated, masks are still required. So get vaccinated!

“If you can laugh at yourself you’ll have fun all day long”

And So It Was,

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