Lupin is OPEN!

Thank You Everyone for Your Water Donations!

Things are looking up with the water situation here at Lupin. We’ve made some wonderful additions to our water system. Yes, we are open! We still ask people to practice extreme conservation and Recommend to bring 3 gallons of water. What you don’t use personally, please donate to the Lupin Community. The donation sites are at the office and the snack bar adjacent to the pool.

Bring 3 gallons of water per person per day when visiting Lupin and receive a special treat from Chef Michelle at the restaurant for each 3 gallons!

You can always call the office for current status of events.

Note: Because of the drought and high fire danger, there will be NO FIRES or charcoal grills allowed at Lupin for now. Please do not start a bonfire and smokers be mindful of where you put your butts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Late Summer Membership Special

For those who wish to become new Lupin members, our initiation fee is only $86 right now to celebrate our 86 years of operation. New members at this time must prepay three months of membership at the time of initiation, and agree to remain paying members for one year.

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