Nurturing Ourselves

I do believe that in order to truly nurture others we must first nurture ourselves. How can we give sustenance to another when we are hungry?

So the question is how do we nurture ourselves; our bodies, minds, and spirit?

Lupin Lodge Naturally

There is physical nurturing, and we want to have as much of that as possible, and being at Lupin is a big part of that. One hundred and ten acres of mostly woods, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and the wonderful gifts of Music, Hiking, Dancing and classes in nutrition and we try to take that into our everyday life, while trying to negate our family baggage with it—and sometimes it stays with us, and sometimes it fades until we return. But we always want more, we want to feel full, and fulfilled. We search out inspiring words but it takes a while to act on those words and once again we may walk away hungry.

What does it take to feel that sense of nourishment, the all rightness of our being?

In my own quest to feel truly nourished, I have needed to find something that does not need anything outside myself to feel replete in fact everything outside myself becomes heightened by nourishing my inner being or spirit. And though I have said this many times because it works so well, I am saying it again, we feel nurtured when we are seen, heard, and appreciated and the best way to feel that way when we are by ourselves is to see ourselves through accepting eyes, to hear ourselves with loving ears and to appreciate ourselves for desiring to be the best we can be at any time and loving ourselves when we lose for we have a lot to learn and loving ourselves when we win for we have a lot to learn.

We are a work in progress, we fall many times before we walk but we learn to walk because we are bi-peds and we will seek nourishment because we are human beings.

Find what nourishes your spirit and practice using it in your life.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge


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