By Lupin Rochelle

Lupin is a hospitality business, part of the service industry, which means we are here to serve. This brings me to a very important question: how do we best serve? Those who serve the best, are surprisingly served in return.
Leo Tolstoy in his novel “Anna Karenina” has one of the most impressive definitions of true service in an observation that Levin, one of the main characters in the novel, made about his wife caring for his brother who was ill. She could serve so well because she was always attentive to his needs. Not his desires or compulsions, but his needs.

“How do we assess the needs of others?”

How do we assess the needs of others? Since I believe we all need to be seen, heard and appreciated, we can listen, pay attention, and show we care. What does lupin offer as a great service? I have a motto about Lupin: “Come to lupin to undress and de-stress.” We offer a place to relax to slough off the sounds and air of cities and work, surround ourselves with nature, and be natural—allowing the air and water to seep into tired muscles and change our perspective about ourselves and our bodies.
All of us who work here can be attentive to the needs of our guests, our fellow workers, our residents, the grounds, and facilities that help to relax us. To help provide the fun and nourishment that takes us away from thoughts that sometimes tire us out also serve. So I for one am grateful to be able to be somewhere where service is as greatly appreciated as I appreciate serving.
Hospitality Director, Lupin Lodge

Remember, Hospitality is not just a business!

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