On Relationship

Submitted by RAS

We are always in relationship with someone, something, someplace, some idea some feeling even some other like ourselves.
As I am writing this I am in relationship with my pen, my thoughts, the chair I am sitting on and my body in relationship with all of the above and then I will enter into relationship with the technology that will allow me to share this with you.
When I think of the many relationships I embrace, or just encounter every moment of my life I’m amazed that I’m not exhausted.
Ah, but being in relationship to my problem-solving personality I realized why it isn’t enervating; because I got along with all those myriad relationships I entered into. And that became the necessary component in my satisfying human relationships.  We got along and when we didn’t I did my best to find agreement and stay connected to those agreements and I got along better in my relationships and was nourished by them.

“Relationships can define me, they can teach me, they can expand my consciousness.”

My entire corporeal body, every cell is in relationship with every part of itself from the most minute to the largest part of me.  The best work I can do is to see that they all get along.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with my take on relationship with you.

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