Our Stories

Submitted by Rochelle

We are defined, somewhat, by our stories.  We accumulate stories from the time we are old enough for memory to kick in.

“Our memories become the file cabinets where we store our stories.”

We can access them at any time.  We can share them with others over meals, drinks, hanging out or a good night with those who will pass them on.
Our stories have been shared through millenniums over fires, under starlit nights by our elders who have more stories than anyone else.
Our stories become legends, they become the foundations upon which civilizations are born.
Today our stories are still welcome in our families, with friends or with strangers who can become friends around shared stories.
Our stories can be moving, scary, funny or just factual but they are ours, we lived them accumulated them with age and if we are willing will share them with a receptive ear.

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