by Lupin Rochelle
The dictionary defines patience as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. I will add imperfection.

Oh, how many times do I get upset with myself for not doing what I expect myself to do when I expect myself to do it? I consider myself impatient with myself for not living up to my own standards. And though I may be impatient with others I do not get angry with them but am totally forgiving and accepting them as humans and therefore imperfect. My task is to treat myself with as much love and understanding as I treat others. We make mistakes, and we learn from them, they are our teachers. With patience, forgiveness can happen. We can realize that what we regard as right and just as something we want will come into reality if we have patience. Once I heard that patience is a virtue.  Then it behooves me to practice it if I wish to be a virtuous being. When anger starts to boil, turn down the flame, be patient pay attention to what needs to happen, and graciously do it. Now  (more confessions) I get, totally, impatient with technology not behaving as I want it to behave, and right away.  Every once in a while, I stop and remember to be patient and, really, look at all the possibilities there are to correct the error I encounter, and lo and behold I fix it.  Now I just need to remember that is a possibility and apply it more and more. I just need to practice more patience.

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