Practicing Thankfulness Begins with Two Words: Thank You

by Lupin Rochelle

The Lupin Mission is to provide a clean, safe, healthy, NURTURING and natural clothing optional environment for people to come and feel free in body mind, and spirit.

“ It is the month of Thanksgiving! – What are we grateful for? ”

It is the month of Thanksgiving!

What are we grateful for? Sometimes we get so wound up in problems that we forget that each of those problems deserve a thank you, for they have the potential to make us more compassionate, empathetic, more powerful, and more appreciative if we choose to be thankful.

Thank You

Two words that can produce feelings of joy, humility confidence and love. Thank you is not to be taken lightly or said lightly. It attains greatness with its sincerity. It evokes a sense of peace when accompanied with a smile and honest
eyes. It is the entry way to gratitude.

Gratitude is Universal

It knows no boundaries. It belongs to all races, genders, ages, and ethnicities. We say thank you for deeds well received. We say thank you for what we have and are capable of having. We say thank you for those in our lives, our family, and our friends. We especially say thank you to those favored beings who share their hearts with us.
They deserve a very big THANK YOU for they expand and nurture our hearts.

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