Six Feet

Submitted by RAS

They bury you at six feet deep, but today six feet apart keeps you alive.

We hug.  We love to hug. Hugs are for everyone, children hug, grownups hug (sportswomen and men hug, great big bear hugs in triumph)
Gotta get close to hug, can’t hug 6ft apart
People cheek kiss, not just one cheek but sometimes both cheeks,
Gotta get close to cheek kiss, can’t cheek kiss 6 ft apart.
Gotta get close to high five, can’t high five 6 ft apart
Gotta get close to tell a secret, can’t tell a secret 6 ft apart
Gotta get close to share new pictures, can’t share photos 6ft apart
Gotta get close to take selfies with friends, can’t take selfies with friends, gotta stay 6ft apart
Can’t get close, gotta stay safe, 6ft apart.
Gotta get creative 6ft apart.
Six ft apart I’ll eyeball you
Six ft apart I’ll air hug you
Six ft apart I’ll let you know you’re loved
For now, this is what is, gotta stay 6ft apart


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