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I have a motto for Lupin:  Come to Lupin to undress and de-stress

Stress is the fear that something bad is about to happen, or something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do.  If I don’t do this…. If I do this…….

Right now, we have pandemic stress, joblessness stress, isolation stress, juggling work at home with partners and children stress, meeting deadlines stress, dealing with irresponsible people stress etc.  One can fill in whatever causes stress.

“Stress is always a constriction; uptightness,.  We can feel it in our muscles, our stomach, our head.”

When we recognize we are in stress we look for relief. We can numb stress with pills, drugs, alcohol, denial, anger, blaming both self and other, or we can relax the constriction by being good to ourselves.

At Lupin we can de-stress by allowing the air to gracefully flow over our naked bodies.  Allow the sights of flora and fauna to delight our vision.  Walk (naked if we choose) into the woods along trails laid bare for us, interrupted by ambling does and their newly birthed fawns, some prancing turkeys and whatever woodland creature we’ve disturbed in their free-flowing movements.  Stretching in yoga positions that release tight muscles and relax our minds creating peace. Giving in to the music that says dance your stress away.  Or just sitting still in warm sunshine as it reflects light from a body of water.
De-stressing even for a moment or two lightens our hearts, our minds and our bodies.

We become more graceful, joyful, creative and grateful and that is definitely something I can live with!


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