The Light of Love

by Lupin Rochelle

December, the month of lights, Hanukkah, Christmas and perhaps even Kwanzaa, and their beauty kindles our inner light, the light within.

The light within is an eternal light, once lit it never goes out, for the light within finds more and more beauty, more and more truth, more and more goodness to keep it lit forever.

That light helps us see our way so we don’t hurt ourselves in the dark.

And if we happen to get hurt it lights the way to fix it.

It is always accessible but we have to turn on the switch.

We have to ignite the flame.

It’s our choice and once made there is no turning back.

Why would we walk once more in the land of darkness?

With that light our uniqueness is seen, as we see each other.

Our true sense of joy is present, and our creativity never sleeps.

We can dance and sing even when alone and we become aware and exalt in the awesomeness of our home, planet, people, and we’re not afraid to smile with our eyes at all we meet whether accepted or not.

This is what I have realized is the Light of Love!

And I can attest that it has changed my life and I thank you for letting me share it with you.

Lupin Rochelle
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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