True Connections

I have this formula for bringing forth love it is likened to a three-legged stool, each leg representing a true connection, 1, to self, 2 to other, and 3 to the all, divine, God etc. and the seat being Love.
The most interesting thing about this formula is that a true connection with just one of those three includes the other two. Because a true connection is a connection without judgment either negative or positive but free-flowing unhindered by subjectivity.
True ConnectionsSince embarking consciously on this path of LOVE over fifty years ago I have created tools, and modalities to keep me centered to better understand what Love is, and how to act with it, and finally to become it.
It is a task worth working on. Since I have found that the attributes of love are peace, creativity, joy, non-resistance, and connectedness.
I was diagnosed with colon cancer some fifteen years ago and I prayed that I wanted to die in joy, not fear. In my mind I heard; “then live in joy”.
When I truly connect with someone, something, and or the divine I enter a state of joy.
Think of the joy we experience truly connecting to the beauty of nature, to a newborn child, to ourselves when we accomplish something meaningful.
It is really easy and when practiced it becomes even easier. We just need to stop, look and listen, receive fully, be aware of when we are not doing that, and return to doing it.
Try to make a true connection every day and see what happens!
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

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