When One’s Mate is a Naturist and You Are Not

My husband loves to be naked, “If you don’t have to wear clothes why should you?” is his attitude toward nudity.
I love him and respect his attitude but I love clothes.  I love creating adornments for this body I walk around in. “Why walk around naked when I can dress up” is my attitude.

I must admit the first time I swam naked was so freeing not to be encumbered in water by a tight-fitting bathing suit. And now I love to swim naked, do hot tubbing naked, feeling water and sun on my naked skin is so peaceful almost womb like.

But for him when the sun comes out providing warmth, off come his clothes

Living at Lupin provides him with that freedom from the taboos of nudity.  I can feel his sense of himself exposed to the currents of air surrounding him, unencumbered by clothing.

It makes me smile to see him in that state of joy.

Maybe, and I have to admit to the possibility, that being brought up with those very taboos that nudity is asking for trouble as a female.  It is somewhat sinful and sexually wanton.

I remember as a child in kindergarten being asked to draw a picture of our family.  I drew a rather explicit picture of my father’s maleness, for he walked around the house nude. My mother was called into school.  I can only imagine her embarrassment.  My dad covered up after that.  Somehow I remembered that it wasn’t okay for grownups to be nude.  I sometimes think how my father would have loved coming to Lupin.

It has been liberating to be socially nude at the pool and hot tub.

Maybe it all comes down to balance and a step by step acceptance of my very nudeness as a natural adornment. Who knows?



  1. Thanks for this. I plan to pass along to my wife, and I think she will appreciate it. We made our first trip to Lupin in February — for one of Beth Nolan’s sessions — and truly enjoyed it. Our first time at a naturist spot. Spent a wonderful (if chilly) night in a yurt! My wife is still a bit tentative, as with you, at least at first. (Me, I’m like your husband — off with the clothes, have always been like that, but just around the house). We plan to return to Lupin once the “sequestering” edicts are lifted. Hope that happens soon. Thanks again for a very helpful article. Hope to say “hi” in person when we next come to Lupin, if that’s OK. Cheers. P.S.: Say hi to Beth and Chef Michelle.

    1. We are so glad you enjoyed your time at Lupin! The Conscious Couples Tantra & Hatha Yoga event is now a monthly event on our calendar, by request. We can’t wait to have you and your wife back once we reopen after the Shelter in Place order is lifted and the weather is a little warmer, too. Best regards to you both!

  2. As a former member at Lupin I agree with everything you said. It is heaven on earth. My fondest memories include the freedom of nudity, the friendliness of the members, the great restaurant, the hot tubs, water volleyball and helping Glen get rid of the hillside broom. Oh, how I miss Lupin. I now live in No. Arizona. It’s nice, but just will never be the same.

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