With Great Sadness We Say Goodbye to Cindy Gregory

Cindy Gregory
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Cindy Gregory. Cindy Gregory was a major presence at Lupin for many years.  She was responsible for setting the tone and creating numerous events at Lupin, like Earthdance and others. I knew her as a friend and a colleague. She would come to Open Mike nights and belt out powerful renditions of the songs in her huge heart. I was always glad to see when she walked in the door. She helped out in many other ways, including arranging contracts with external event coordinators and filling in when needed to help us with Lupin’s Bare to Breakers events.
Cindy carried herself with a large presence and was a force to be reckoned with. I’ll always be glad that I knew her as a friend. She will be missed.
Please send cards and condolences for Cindy’s family to the Lupin office and we will make sure they are delivered.

From the heart of Rochelle

Ode to Cindy

“You were a force

You didn’t treat fools lightly

But loved strongly

Your beautiful voice still resounds in my mind

It seemed like you would always be here

How did I not see that you were mortal

And could leave your body sooner than I

Wish that I could hug your softness one more time

But that is not to be.”

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