Body Acceptance is Critical to One’s Happiness

Nobody’s “perfect”. . .We’re all perfectly human and quite acceptable just as we really are.

That’s really easy to say, yet can be very difficult to believe. However, people may find that a lifetime of ingrained negative thought or self-consciousness can  evaporate in the Lupin experience.

Lupin Lodge is a Woman Owned and Operated Nudist Resort in the Beautiful Los Gatos Mountains. At Lupin you’ll meet a cross-section of interesting, fun-loving, humanly conscious people who will accept you as you are and treat you with friendly respect. Feelings of openness and mutual vulnerability help build interpersonal trust and provide opportunities for unexpected friendships across individual differences of gender, age, culture, shape, hue, wealth and career.

Mass media culture distorts body images and diminishes self-worth in the effort to sell more stuff. The relaxing body acceptance found at Lupin is an all-natural remedy for this commercial chicanery. Beyond a life enhancing nude experience, it’s a reality check. Lupin also offers massage, workshops, yoga weekly. Samplings from our Eclectic Consciousness series (exploring subjects such as yoga, relationships, meditation, breathing, body issues, tantra, music therapy, improvisation, communications and sexual happiness), plus an on-going 12-step group.

Lupin offers a wholesome healing place to nurture the mind, body and spirit. There are many quiet meditative areas and lush green vistas of natural beauty that will provide members the sanity we need in this world of adversity, especially during life’s stressful transitions.

What Lupin members and residents share is a very unique and special “home” away from home in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Home is where you can feel free to be! and so is Lupin, where you can choose between solitude and companionship.