by Lupin Rochelle
The dictionary defines patience as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. I will add imperfection.

Oh, how many times do I get upset with myself for not doing what I expect myself to do when I expect myself to do it? I consider myself impatient with myself for not living up to my own standards. And though I may be impatient with others I do not get angry with them but am totally forgiving and accepting them as humans and therefore imperfect. My task is to treat myself with as much love and understanding as I treat others. We make mistakes, and we learn from them, they are our teachers. With patience, forgiveness can happen. We can realize that what we regard as right and just as something we want will come into reality if we have patience. Once I heard that patience is a virtue.  Then it behooves me to practice it if I wish to be a virtuous being. When anger starts to boil, turn down the flame, be patient pay attention to what needs to happen, and graciously do it. Now  (more confessions) I get, totally, impatient with technology not behaving as I want it to behave, and right away.  Every once in a while, I stop and remember to be patient and, really, look at all the possibilities there are to correct the error I encounter, and lo and behold I fix it.  Now I just need to remember that is a possibility and apply it more and more. I just need to practice more patience.

Being Thankful in 2024!

New Beginnings at Lupin Lodge
by Lupin Rochelle
Our calendar says 2023 has retired and 2024 has begun. With all our goodwill we want to be better in this new year as we have wanted in all the new year’s past.
So, we make resolutions, it’s a ritual! Of course, some are hard to keep for a full year, a month a week, or “what were they again?” But it always holds the promise of more and better if we choose. And then there is, what do we have to get rid of to be better? That could be daunting! Or it could just be the same old, some old, which is impossible because we are a year older and that counts for another year of stories if I am going to make a resolution I resolve to not make any resolutions in 2024 but just celebrate all that I have experienced and learned in 2023. So, let’s make it a HAPPY New Year. We can work on that!


Join us for an interactive video quiz show mashup. This week we’ll be answering “Loaded Questions”.

True Connections

I have this formula for bringing forth love it is likened to a three-legged stool, each leg representing a true connection, 1, to self, 2 to other, and 3 to the all, divine, God etc. and the seat being Love.
The most interesting thing about this formula is that a true connection with just one of those three includes the other two. Because a true connection is a connection without judgment either negative or positive but free-flowing unhindered by subjectivity.
True ConnectionsSince embarking consciously on this path of LOVE over fifty years ago I have created tools, and modalities to keep me centered to better understand what Love is, and how to act with it, and finally to become it.
It is a task worth working on. Since I have found that the attributes of love are peace, creativity, joy, non-resistance, and connectedness.
I was diagnosed with colon cancer some fifteen years ago and I prayed that I wanted to die in joy, not fear. In my mind I heard; “then live in joy”.
When I truly connect with someone, something, and or the divine I enter a state of joy.
Think of the joy we experience truly connecting to the beauty of nature, to a newborn child, to ourselves when we accomplish something meaningful.
It is really easy and when practiced it becomes even easier. We just need to stop, look and listen, receive fully, be aware of when we are not doing that, and return to doing it.
Try to make a true connection every day and see what happens!
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge


I became so aware of how important it is to be able to adapt during these last power outages.  There we were in the dark, headlamps affixed to our foreheads, a battery-operated lantern providing enough light to keep walk-in areas illuminated and battery packs keeping our phones charged.  All this we learned from previous outages and now were able to create a little more comfortable environment as a result.

It wasn’t enough that we had no power but it was cold, very cold, and our house heat was all provided by electrical heaters. So, we lit our propane stove just enough, opened the door and it warmed us beyond freezing. We were careful to use pantry food or to get things from the fridge as little as possible. We applauded the return of electricity.  It certainly made our 21st-century mentality function more easily. But we realized that we could adapt to emergencies and come out unscathed.

I have listened to interviews with people living in war-torn environments and marveled at their adaptability for survival. Our power outages seemed a mere trifle to what they were experiencing. Yet, as long as they were alive and able to function, they found ways to do what was necessary.

I believe the opposite of adaptability is resistance and *resistance is, really,  hard on our bodies and psyches. When we embrace our circumstances, we can become creative and creativity leads to new inventions that make our life easier and more creative.

*Errol Strider wrote, “Resistance is what we add to pain to make it hurt more and last longer”
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

It’s February the Month Devoted to LOVE

It’s February, the month devoted to LOVE. . .everywhere you go you’ll see hearts, candy, flowers, buy something for a loved one etc. In our language, we have only one word for all the kinds of love there are.
The Greeks had three, Filial, Eros, and Agape. Filial love for family, friends, things, and actions. Eros for the romantic and Agape for divine Love. When my children were little and I would proclaim that I loved something, they would reply, “do you want to marry it?” The emotions behind all our love are no less real and sometimes potent. Love propels us to be more caring, harmonious, joyful, creative, and happy no matter which kind of love we are experiencing. Love is awesome, can’t always be rational, but can always be felt. For me as hospitality director of Lupin, love is hospitable, open to truly seeing, hearing, and appreciating those I come into daily contact with. For this I am truly grateful.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

PREP for the New Year!

PREP for the New Year!A new year is upon us: Time to reflect. Clean house of outdated ideas and images that hold us back from being the incredible beings we are capable of, and choose to find ways to affirm who we truly are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We, members and visitors of Lupin, are lucky to have an ambiance and so many events and people here to aid in that awareness adventure.

I have a formula that my husband created that has inspired me on my journey and that I lovingly present to you for this New Year, it is called PREP.

  • P for being present
  • R for being receptive
  • E for being enthusiastic
  • P for being personal

If we are present we can be aware of what is in front of us, around us, and within us.

When we allow ourselves to receive all that we are present to without judgments, it is easier to act accordingly.

When we act with enthusiasm (which comes from the Greek word, entheos, meaning from God or spirit), our actions are filled with love and are easily met.

And when we are personal, we are being true to our real selves and gifting that to all and anyone willing to receive us.

So let us PREP for the New Year and may it be a truly NEW year.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

December – The Month of Festive Lights, Gift Giving and Receiving

December, the month of festive lights, gift giving and receiving.

No matter what I receive, the giver of the gift is more precious than the gift itself.

The smile on their face as my eyes alight on their bestowal is the true gift and I realize that material gifts—as fun and ever-lovely, beautiful, or even costly they may be—cannot hold a candle (no pun intended) to the love I receive from the giver.

So, I ask myself, what do I choose to give this month and the many months ahead, more than material gifts?

As I envision what that may be, what comes to mind is kindness, caring, understanding smiles and laughter, appreciation, friendship, heart-to-heartness, empathy, compassion, creativity and whatever true love dictates.

Those gifts already come packaged in my heart through my eyes and truthfulness. And when I receive those gifts I become more than before.

What a wonderful time to be reminded that we have the most wonderful gifts to give and are willing to receive this holiday season and beyond.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Wonderful Kwanzaa.
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge


A Time Of Thanksgiving

I have said before in words to this effect

“In this game of life, when I lose, I am grateful for the realization that I have a lot more to learn, and when I win I am grateful to realize that I have a lot more to learn.”

The staff at Lupin garners my gratitude every day, for showing up and taking on whatever task they have at hand, for being amenable with each other and our guests.

And they are grateful for so many things personally and professionally.

From the staff at Lupin

“I am personally grateful for this community that welcomed me with open arms and has provided me with a wonderful partner and some of the best friends one could ask for.”
“I am grateful for my cat, beef stew, and my loving partner in life.”
“I am personally grateful for the opportunity to wake up every day next to the one I love.”
“I am grateful for a safe place in nature to wake up to every day.”
“I am grateful for the time I’ve spent here at Lupin.”
“I am so grateful that I am open to learning new things every day.”
“I’m personally grateful for the opportunity to be around non-judgmental people, and to let myself feel comfortable in my own skin.”
“I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for an environment where I am free to be whom I want to be.”

And gratitude for their working experience:

“I am grateful for a workplace that values me and encourages me to be whom I want to be.”
“I am grateful for the support I receive from staff.”
“I am grateful for the flexibility I have in my schedule and that I can rely on my team to kick a……”
“I am grateful that I can meet and am able to care for people every day.”
“I am grateful that I have a good working team. I am grateful for the people I work with. ”
“I am grateful for the opportunity for growth and experience.”
“I am grateful to be able to work together as a team to improve the place that we live in daily.”
“I am grateful for the willingness to come together as a team to get things done.”
“I am grateful for my coworkers and the beautiful scenery I get to experience every day.”

We at Lupin are grateful to serve ourselves, each other, and you. 
May your Thanksgiving be a time of true gratitude.

-Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

Nurturing Ourselves

I do believe that in order to truly nurture others we must first nurture ourselves. How can we give sustenance to another when we are hungry?

So the question is how do we nurture ourselves; our bodies, minds, and spirit?

Lupin Lodge Naturally

There is physical nurturing, and we want to have as much of that as possible, and being at Lupin is a big part of that. One hundred and ten acres of mostly woods, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and the wonderful gifts of Music, Hiking, Dancing and classes in nutrition and we try to take that into our everyday life, while trying to negate our family baggage with it—and sometimes it stays with us, and sometimes it fades until we return. But we always want more, we want to feel full, and fulfilled. We search out inspiring words but it takes a while to act on those words and once again we may walk away hungry.

What does it take to feel that sense of nourishment, the all rightness of our being?

In my own quest to feel truly nourished, I have needed to find something that does not need anything outside myself to feel replete in fact everything outside myself becomes heightened by nourishing my inner being or spirit. And though I have said this many times because it works so well, I am saying it again, we feel nurtured when we are seen, heard, and appreciated and the best way to feel that way when we are by ourselves is to see ourselves through accepting eyes, to hear ourselves with loving ears and to appreciate ourselves for desiring to be the best we can be at any time and loving ourselves when we lose for we have a lot to learn and loving ourselves when we win for we have a lot to learn.

We are a work in progress, we fall many times before we walk but we learn to walk because we are bi-peds and we will seek nourishment because we are human beings.

Find what nourishes your spirit and practice using it in your life.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge