This month’s hospitality notes are from a section of “The Common Sense Guide to Living at Lupin” by Glyn Stout. I am using it because it so mirrors my own thoughts and feelings and is so appropriate for this month
Broken Wishbone

Nothing is more vital than to start (and if necessary, restart) each day with love in your heart and a smile on your face. It’s the best decision you can make for Lupin’s composite energy and for your own health. And it has an amazing effect on others, too. There is no better agent for creating positive change.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Used as a natural, mood-altering drug, love is even better for the giver than for the recipient, who may be unaware. To love is a profound, continuous choice which can even improve the body’s immune system.  No pill or diet could do better.

Loving others even when it is most difficult to love them is, of course, the greatest challenge. Love is most profound when it is unconditional. If all love had to be earned, the entire human race would be bereft.

People are just mirrors for ourselves. The “reasons” we often use to reject people are for behaving in ways that we don’t like in ourselves or others we care deeply about. Learning to love our “adversaries” may thus be a precondition for learning to love our imperfect selves. It’s possible to hate sin and still love the sinner.

Imperfection is why forgiveness is love’s first requirement. People don’t always act lovable, and they don’t always apologize when they transgress. There is nothing more self-destructive than hanging on to an old grievance, however justified.  It’s far more self-empowering to forgive than to be right.

Some may think that mixing love and business is inappropriate, though the counter-argument is more persuasive. Lupin is in the people business, and all people, though unique, need love. It’s a universal, all-purpose curative ingredient. The best thing about involving love in solutions is that it never hurts to try it, even after all else fails.”

And I might add that we all want to be seen, heard and appreciated and this is the best way to show Love—by listening, seeing and appreciating others.

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

If I Want Things to Change, I Have to Change!

It is a new year and though we are only a few days into it nothing much has changed, at least not noticeably.  We are still dealing with a frightful virus and divisive politics, a masked populace, severe unemployment, crazy climate. fires and floods.

But here at Lupin we have the opportunity to learn from all the lessons we encountered in 2021 and do our best to navigate 2022 with greater ease. I am always aware that if I want things to change, I have to change. Changing one’s habits and perceptions and letting go of assumptions is not easy but if one is willing it is possible and what a difference it makes. “A little willingness goes a long way”.

“If I want things to change, I have to change”

So, if one is going to make a New Years resolution it is wise to be aware of the places that stand in the way of getting or doing what we want to make our lives better or more manageable.  Am I or you willing to let go of them? When I am clear about my intention, (my personal mission statement) and keep it front and center in my consciousness it becomes easier.  I can go to it and ask, am I on track, what is keeping me off track?  Am I willing to let go of the things that keep me from feeling nurtured, safe , clean and healthy?

Let’s say yes and see if we can hold the space for each of us to indeed have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

Lori Kay Owner of Lupin Lodge Podcast Interview

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#99 Lori Kay: A Weekend at a Nudist Lodge

Dec 18, 2021

Episode Description:

Samuel Donner of the Finding Founders Podcast interviews Lori Kay Stout, owner and operator of Lupin Lodge Naturist Retreat in Northern California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. While host Samuel Donner experiences his first Nude interview, Lori Kay answers his questions showing vulnerability, strength to overcome and extreme perseverance as a woman, wife, mother and business owner. This is a very deep interview which will especially resonate with women. Parts are about Lupin, other parts are about the effect of being nude amongst other Humans, and some of it is deeply personal. Listen to how Lori’s determination, vision and strength built Lupin Lodge into a community of body positivity and self-discovery. Listen to the podcast above and enjoy.

Show Notes:

• Acceptance and Discrimination: With her own freedom as an adult woman now, Lori looks back at the racial discrimination her parents faced just for loving each other.

• Childhood: School is hard enough, especially when you are continually moving every couple of months.

• Values and Expectations: Breaking out of traditional values can be challenging, but it does help when you have very few expectations to meet.

• When in Switzerland: When you are an exchange student, sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

• College and Nudists: You can learn a lot of things about yourself in college. From changing majors to changing out of your clothes, you never know what is going to happen when you get there.

• Someone Special: You never know who you are going to meet in a nudist community, maybe a fellow nudist, the owner, or maybe your future spouse.

• An Awakening: When you are going into an anaphylactic shock, you may just have an epiphany about your life choices.

• Job Hunting: Making it as a professional sculptor has its own challenges. Now trying being a female sculptor in a man’s world.

• Inequality at Work: Even in her home country, Lori still faced misogyny at her day job.

• Keeping the Business: Some opportunities are so special that you have no choice but to step up to the plate.

• A Year of Fours: How much heartbreak and trauma can happen in one year?

• Twins: What is more exciting than having one baby?

• Trouble in Paradise: With a con-artist running the business into the ground and her husband’s health declining, will Lori be able to save her family and the business?

• Regaining Control: After taking Ed to court, Lori was finally able to evict him and regain control of Lupin.

• Tragedy in the Homeland: Just when things are starting to look up, they take a turn for the worst.

• Moving Forward: After overcoming her trials, Lori is able to expand her community and grow her business.


The Light of Love

by Lupin Rochelle

December, the month of lights, Hanukkah, Christmas and perhaps even Kwanzaa, and their beauty kindles our inner light, the light within.

The light within is an eternal light, once lit it never goes out, for the light within finds more and more beauty, more and more truth, more and more goodness to keep it lit forever.

That light helps us see our way so we don’t hurt ourselves in the dark.

And if we happen to get hurt it lights the way to fix it.

It is always accessible but we have to turn on the switch.

We have to ignite the flame.

It’s our choice and once made there is no turning back.

Why would we walk once more in the land of darkness?

With that light our uniqueness is seen, as we see each other.

Our true sense of joy is present, and our creativity never sleeps.

We can dance and sing even when alone and we become aware and exalt in the awesomeness of our home, planet, people, and we’re not afraid to smile with our eyes at all we meet whether accepted or not.

This is what I have realized is the Light of Love!

And I can attest that it has changed my life and I thank you for letting me share it with you.

Lupin Rochelle
Hospitality Director Lupin Lodge

Bullied (by Love) into Staying Here: A Thank You Note

By Sierra R.

I came here almost six months ago intending to leave right after Labor Day. It’s not that I didn’t like Lupin – I love Lupin. I have been coming here since I was quite literally in the womb. My parents had their first date here. I have spent countless summer weekend days playing water volleyball in the pool and pruning in the hot tub. I have met friends and mentors here, some of whom are now gone, but others whom I still see. I have walked the hills, laughed, played, and grown up within these acres. When I came here at the beginning of June for work, I wanted a therapeutic retreat from the town and home from which I had come, but with every intention of returning. What I hadn’t planned was finding a home here.

But everyone here rudely disregarded my aversion to putting down roots and made me a part of the family almost right away. I have made good friends here, I have grown to love here, bonded with both residents and guests, worked for and with great people, and I feel more at home here than I have anywhere else in a very long time.

So, thank you to those of you who have had faith and trust in me and given me the opportunity to prove myself. And thank you to those of you who bullied me with affection until I had no choice but to stay here.

With Great Sadness We Say Goodbye to Cindy Gregory

Cindy Gregory
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Cindy Gregory. Cindy Gregory was a major presence at Lupin for many years.  She was responsible for setting the tone and creating numerous events at Lupin, like Earthdance and others. I knew her as a friend and a colleague. She would come to Open Mike nights and belt out powerful renditions of the songs in her huge heart. I was always glad to see when she walked in the door. She helped out in many other ways, including arranging contracts with external event coordinators and filling in when needed to help us with Lupin’s Bare to Breakers events.
Cindy carried herself with a large presence and was a force to be reckoned with. I’ll always be glad that I knew her as a friend. She will be missed.
Please send cards and condolences for Cindy’s family to the Lupin office and we will make sure they are delivered.

From the heart of Rochelle

Ode to Cindy

“You were a force

You didn’t treat fools lightly

But loved strongly

Your beautiful voice still resounds in my mind

It seemed like you would always be here

How did I not see that you were mortal

And could leave your body sooner than I

Wish that I could hug your softness one more time

But that is not to be.”

Practicing Thankfulness Begins with Two Words: Thank You

by Lupin Rochelle

The Lupin Mission is to provide a clean, safe, healthy, NURTURING and natural clothing optional environment for people to come and feel free in body mind, and spirit.

“ It is the month of Thanksgiving! – What are we grateful for? ”

It is the month of Thanksgiving!

What are we grateful for? Sometimes we get so wound up in problems that we forget that each of those problems deserve a thank you, for they have the potential to make us more compassionate, empathetic, more powerful, and more appreciative if we choose to be thankful.

Thank You

Two words that can produce feelings of joy, humility confidence and love. Thank you is not to be taken lightly or said lightly. It attains greatness with its sincerity. It evokes a sense of peace when accompanied with a smile and honest
eyes. It is the entry way to gratitude.

Gratitude is Universal

It knows no boundaries. It belongs to all races, genders, ages, and ethnicities. We say thank you for deeds well received. We say thank you for what we have and are capable of having. We say thank you for those in our lives, our family, and our friends. We especially say thank you to those favored beings who share their hearts with us.
They deserve a very big THANK YOU for they expand and nurture our hearts.


By Lupin Rochelle

Lupin is a hospitality business, part of the service industry, which means we are here to serve. This brings me to a very important question: how do we best serve? Those who serve the best, are surprisingly served in return.
Leo Tolstoy in his novel “Anna Karenina” has one of the most impressive definitions of true service in an observation that Levin, one of the main characters in the novel, made about his wife caring for his brother who was ill. She could serve so well because she was always attentive to his needs. Not his desires or compulsions, but his needs.

“How do we assess the needs of others?”

How do we assess the needs of others? Since I believe we all need to be seen, heard and appreciated, we can listen, pay attention, and show we care. What does lupin offer as a great service? I have a motto about Lupin: “Come to lupin to undress and de-stress.” We offer a place to relax to slough off the sounds and air of cities and work, surround ourselves with nature, and be natural—allowing the air and water to seep into tired muscles and change our perspective about ourselves and our bodies.
All of us who work here can be attentive to the needs of our guests, our fellow workers, our residents, the grounds, and facilities that help to relax us. To help provide the fun and nourishment that takes us away from thoughts that sometimes tire us out also serve. So I for one am grateful to be able to be somewhere where service is as greatly appreciated as I appreciate serving.
Hospitality Director, Lupin Lodge

Remember, Hospitality is not just a business!

Looking Back ~ October 7-10

By Lupin Rochelle

With the slightest chill in the air, we know Fall is really here. Though the pool was cold, the hot tub and sauna were able to dispel any cool air, and the shining sun warmed many a naked body.

The weekend began on Thursday with “Cards Against Humanity” and dinner from 5-7 pm.

On Friday, there was ping pong at 5:30 and Dinner at NOURISH was served starting at 5 pm.

On Saturday, we started the day with Yoga at 11 am and a hike at 1 pm. Music on the Lawn started at noon and featured our guest artist for the week, Kira Hooks, who was spectacular! Our house musicians as always made music that made us feel good. Life Drawing was hosted by Christy at 2pm followed by Bocci Ball at 5:30. At 5 pm Chef Michelle served her Farm to Table Creations, beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

On Sunday, Michelle (not chef) led yoga at 11 am and Michael led his QiGong Class at 1 pm. There was a community dinner pot luck at 6 pm and the highlight was the initiation of a magnificent, work of art, BBQ Stove that was designed and built by Warren C and Rick O with inspiration from Paola who tended the lamp chop BBQ for dinner. It was very appreciated, not just for its artistry but for its functionality. Thank you to all involved.

If you still are interested in listening to  “Insight Out the Naked Truth” with Errol and Rochelle , you can catch their shows on line at:

Because of the fast spreading Delta Variant, all indoor activities will require masks, vaccinated or not. But to insure safety do get vaccinated!

“If you can laugh at yourself, you’ll have fun all day long.” ~ RAS.

Happy Birthday to Neil, Tyler and Steve S.

~ And So It Was ~

Looking Back at Bodyfest Weekend: Oct 1-3

It was a Bodyfest Weekend here at Lupin, and Christy and Lori Kay did a great job. There was an outstanding number of guests enjoying the wonderful events scheduled for the weekend. Friday evening kicked off the event with Dinner on the Lawn and a Falconry demonstration by Kenny, then Sara took the stage with the Spoken Word complete with ice cream and ice breakers. Afterward, John P. led a costumed Karaoke Party that was a very big hit. Sara, who is a magnificent hula hooper, gave hula hoop instructions at 8:30.

Saturday morning had Yoga on the pool Lawn and then at noon Lori welcomed everybody to Bodyfest. There was a hike at 1, and from 12 to 6 there was music on the lawn with some wonderful musicians including our house favorites Darren and Charlie. Also starting at 1 and running into the evening there was body painting executed by Paola and Christy—and judging from the bodies that were painted, it was wonderful. At 2, Mindy led a Nude Impression where art and the body meet to become printmaking. Thank you, Mindy, for your energy and expertise in leading and cheerleading so many events for Bodyfest. At 3:30, Rochelle led a body centered Theatre Improv which proved to be very meaningful to some of the attendees. Nude Olympics and games led by Mindy happened at 4:30. At 6 there was Dinner on the Lawn—Thank you Chef Michelle for your wonderful culinary gifts from all who enjoyed every meal you prepared for them! At 7 The Glow in the Dark Dance featured DJs Anthonia and Ash and glow in the dark body painting.

On Sunday morning at 11 there was Yoga on the pool lawn and at 1 Michael led QiGong on the fountain lawn. Then there were kids art and games at 2 on the pool lawn, and that wrapped up a wonderful Bodyfest.

If you still are interested in listening to  “Insight Out the Naked Truth” with Errol and Rochelle , you can catch their shows on line at  www.  Because of the fast spreading Delta Variant all indoor activities will require masks, vaccinated or not. But to insure safety do get vaccinated! “If you can laugh at yourself you’ll have fun all day long” RAS.

Happy Birthday to Cindy G and Mindy H.

~ And So It Was ~