Birthday & Anniversary Game Night: Bocee Ball

June 13, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Nourish Lawn
20600 Aldercroft Heights

If you have a birthday in the current month or you just want to celebrate your personal freedom come celebrate here!

Bring your friends or meet new friends.

DJ, birthday games and cake celebration included. Gate fee $40 single $60. for couples.

Come early enjoy the facilities, have dinner and play the night away.

Games starts at 6:30pm on the Clubhouse Lawn.


  1. I am “relatively” new to all the groups, rules and traditions, so I will try not to ask or say too much…but in this instance I would have very much liked to have known who’s 80-something birthday it was IN ADVANCE because she is dear enough to me to warrant a thoughtful, planned gift. None the less, this was one of the best weekends so far for entertainment.
    The mood was easy, ambient, acoustic light…too hot for any serious drama, so programming came off without a hitch, Sara and Dave are amazing producers of harmonious talent, and I do believe some guests had an a”experience” they will never forget, with art and music, food and beverages, sun and fun…why would anyone want to leave a place where nothing seems urgent but heart song and spirit dance! How amazing and beautiful was Lori Kay teaching that huge art class? What can we do to support her so that she is only doing stuff like that? Chef Michelle showers everyone with amazing healthy and gourmet offerings and exemplifies what extraordinary customer care looks like. The front office brought in a nice crowd and all I can say is I am very proud to be a part of this community, this team, and it is here that I truly feel most myself and I appreciate letting my spirit animal out a bit too! Blessings be! ~MINDY The Tree Climbing Nudist (Come to my class on Sunday July 19th for Progressive Art to make sketch books or journals from Lupin made papers and fibers!)

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