Feel Free and Flow w/ Donatela

August 25, 2023 @ 2:00 pm
The Pool
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Feel Free & Flow Ritual at the Love More Gathering

What can I do to heal repressed emotions, for an open heart, when I’m feeling sick (mentally, physically or emotionally) so I can be my highest self?

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Somatic bodywork healing has had an amazing impact on Donatela’s healing journey. Similar to yoga and meditation, the ritual incorporates intentional movements for connection  and release with each emotion. Movement as medicine is a frame work growing interest in the wellness scene, to alleviate emotional issues. This exercise is like yoga in the pool,  as it incorporates chakra energy healing. Learn how to adopt this healing routine into your self-care for the purpose of emotional regulation and wellness.

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When: Friday, Aug 25 at 2p.m. 

Location: Lupin Lodge Pool

Bring a journal and pen for the first 30 minutes. Enjoy the remaining exercise in the pool, per Lupin’s rules nude in the pool (sarong/kimonos/towels are welcome outside the pool). Must be able to swim, sorry no non swimmers,  sorry no kids.

Activity Includes:

Journal reflection on the messages you received about feelings &  how to express them (or not). •Reflect on how these beliefs affect you today.

•Enjoy positive affirmations and reframing beliefs about experiencing feelings.

• Practice emotional embodiment during the ritual.

•Learn to identify emotions in the body.

•Learn to let go and safely free trapped emotions, misplaced rage, or avoidance patterns, that are said to be the underlying cause of disease due to the way suppressed emotions compromise the immune system.

•All exercises are no contact, and personal space is respected.

•Be mindful that if you’ve not engaged with feelings for days or weeks by numbing, shutting down, busying/avoidance or misplaced rage, you are more than welcome, however be mindful of your mindset & the setting and be ready to engage with the potent gifts of love, joy, peace, excitement, as well as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and disgust within your body.

Feel relieved, relaxed, content, whole and connected to the self,  after somatic practicing.

•Be better prepared for the next activity,  at the burn ritual during the Cacao Ceremony at 6p.m.

• Learn to accept, feel and heal your emotions within, and limit projecting out onto others, positively impacting your relationships. 

 Allow emotions to ebb and flow like water, during some free meditation time in the pool.

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