Labyrinth & Hilltop Hike

October 5, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Lupin Lodge
20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd

Gate opens at 9 am

Beth teaches yoga at 11 am, we will have a lunch break. Bring your own or buy something at the restaurant.

While we wait for people to gather for the Labyrinth Hill Top Hike at 1:00 pm, by the pool deck stairs.

The upper meadow is a sacred and beautiful place of peace and quite, a place to be one with nature.

Here’s a little history:

When Richie and Beth began the journey of building this labyrinth, April 2019. They found out that about 10 years ago “the upper meadow” was already bulldozed for a Labyrinth and it was already hollowed ground due to a Christian cross put up as a memorial to a past member.

In their imagination they saw a big round 24 circuit Labyrinth. As Richie sweated and struggled in the hot sun for many trials but to no avail it wouldn’t fit. Researching more, they found a square option. By lining the entrance up with the hiking trail the four corners line up directly with the 4 cardinal directions.

Confirming it’s sacred space and linage.

Labyrinth’s are portals to a higher knowing.

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