Meditation Class and Healing Circle

June 9, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Being in the moment, what a gift. Meditation is a path to sanity in this chaotic world. There are so many techniques to explore. Find out what technique works best for you. Second Sunday Meditation Class and Healing Circle will give us a chance to try different meditation practices.

On my healing path of learning meditation trying to step into the concept of an “empty mind” seemed impossible.  After years and years of trying many different meditation practices…Meditation is NOT that. We are human, our mind will never be empty. As we observe the chatter and spend time with our self, it’s an act of self love. The conscious and unconscious mind is always at work and active. The balance comes from being present enough and trust what comes up in your minds eye as perfect and love yourself in it…whatever “IT” is.

Just like not all people are visual learners, not all meditation techniques are the best for everyone. You will experience techniques that include visualization, movement, intention/intending, breathing exercises and yoga practices to find what meditation modality gets you to your place of peace.




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