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October 15, 2021 all-day

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  1. We CANT WAIT TO ENJOY DINNER by Chef Michelle on Saturday night. And yoga Sunday morning with Marie…we’re bringing sandy’s sister..her 1st time Saturday.8th.
    We LOVE LUPIN… 💜💜🏖☀️

    1. We’re so glad you’re joining us again! Lupin loves you, too!! Marie is out of town but Kelly, an amazing yoga teacher, and will be subbing on Sunday. You’ll love her!

  2. I’ve never been in a naturist society and am quite shy…
    i really feel like going, any words of encouragement for me?

  3. I’d say go clothed with glasses, hat, wig if you want. Everyone is at their own will. Nudity is not meant to be only sexual. It is our natural state, after all. I believe shedding clothes is a way to shed the image that we tend to put on ourself and others, the image that others have for us as individuals. Also it’s the shedding of pride, of status and any notion of inadequacy. Do nothing shameful and feel liberated after being around naturalists in their natural state. See how this can cause a greater honesty and openness through vulnerability. If the agenda is greater awareness, understanding and acceptance, then there is virtue.
    If sexual release is the agenda, then maybe visit a massage place that’s open at night. Maybe something can develops there.
    If none of this makes sense, then just throw caution to the wind and go “balls out,” so to speak.

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