Self Healing Vocal Ritual

May 12, 2024 @ 12:00 pm
May 12, Sunday, noon-2pm everyone is welcome.
What does it mean to embody the divine feminine?

How can we easily shift into a frequency of ease, acceptance and interconnectedness where we can let go in trust that we are held in the fabric of oneness?

Join Venus Unisex this Mother’s Day and explore the archetype of the divine mother, holding space for your inner child to play and explore.

Embrace yourself in sound, embrace the universe in sound and together we will create a sacred circle where

the 4th dimensional quality of music can free our souls from entrapment.  Shake off the collective amnesia and resonate at your full heart frequency with “Self healing vocal ritual”.  Venus will lead us through a series of exercises that draws from Chakra Toning,  affirmations,  nature invocations and more.  We will connect to source, draw energies from the Earth and cleanse our vessels with sound to activate our water bodies.

Facilitated by Lara Maykovich

Lara Maykovich, aka Venus Unisex, a true daughter of Aphrodite, has been working with the divine feminine through art, music, poetry, storytelling, hands on healing, performance art, dance and more  for decades. A graduate of Naropa University in Boulder, CO with a degree in ritual performance art: the psychology of creativity, Lara has been studying and practicing ritual arts and music since 1995, living and studying in Ghana And Cuba. She also did post graduate studies at New College in women’s spirituality and experimental performance. Most notably is her retelling of Adam and Eve in her “erotic ontology of Eden” a core theme of the rock opera she wrote and produced called “Venus Christ”. This opera has now expanded into a vision of an interactive musical experience in the form of a ritual mass “The Choice of Venus Christ of the Self Realized Saints” a multi level project that is a consciousness movement, an event, a written work, a practice. Lara continues to write and perform and is dedicated to the path of the heart, to healing the sacred feminine thru art and ritual. Since the pandemic she has been evolving her newest offering “self healing vocal ritual” designed to ignite the divine spark within, clear the body vessel and raise vibrations to the heart frequency.

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