Vinyasa Yoga

February 2, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Upper Lawn
20600 Aldercroft Heights


Clothing optional Vinyasa Yoga at 11am on the Upper Lawn, by the pool, will begin with quiet centering meditation followed by a slow warm-up to prepare for a Vinyasa flow. We will complete our practice with Svanasana.

Beginners welcome but expect an active class. Join me in our collective journey!

Bring your own mat and a towel.

Gate opens at 9am. Standard day fees apply.


  1. Hello,

    I am rather new to Yoga. Just a few questions. The other class offered on Saturday is called BeNaked Yoga so I am assuming the class is practiced naked. Is this the same case? Also I have a bulged disk in my lower back so can accommodations be made during the class so I don’t re-injure it?

    1. Both Beth (saturdays class) and Marie (Sundays class) are trained and certified to facilitate and coach people through their entirely different types of yoga. Hatha on Saturday is basic alignment and breathing to find relaxation.
      Marie’s is a movement meditation the first 1/2 hour, with vinyasa the second 1/2 hour, which is a vigorous flow of yoga postures.
      As With all yoga practices you must listen to your own body and not do anything that doesn’t feel right. If that happens, Get the instructors attention for a variation or modification that best works for you.

      1. Beth, hi!
        The question remains as to whether the yoga class on Sunday is also nude, as the one on Saturday.
        I’d also like to ask whether it is compulsory to be nude for the class on Saturday? While I embrace naturism, my partner is a bit more shy, but I’d still like for him to participate in these yoga clases; is it acceptable for those who aren’t yet comfortable being completely nude to keep their undies or shorts on?
        Thank you and have a great week!

        1. The class on Sunday is clothing-optional as well. Sometimes, in cooler months, those practicing will where some clothing to stay warm, however most of time we all practice nude.

      2. We cannot praise Lupin and the ENTIRE STAFF enough!! Our new naturist journey started with Marie who was more than empathetic, patient, and informative. Then we took her yoga class on Sunday morning. Which was fabulous.! I am more experienced and my sister is very new to yoga. Marie offered advanced and beginning modifications to the poses so all of us in the class were able to enjoy an individualized workout each of us appreciated. Marie’s voice was soothing and brought added tranquility to the already beautiful landscape on the largely shaded green lawn under a very beautiful large tree. Namaste’

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