YOGA outside for the summer

June 8, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

For the summer  months, Hatha Yoga will be at 11 am at the pool area lawn. Enjoy the choice of shade or sun to fully immerse into the sensations of nature. Rainy or cold days, we still have the Nudome Yurt to retreat to for warmth and coverage. We all want to be warm and toasty. Then we will meet up behind the Lupin Restaurant for some lunch. By 1 pm we will gather up for a hike up to the Lupin Labyrinth. Walking the labyrinth will connect you deeper with yourself and nature. Contemplation or focusing on an intention as you walk a Labyrinth can created an epiphany, an openness to truth your truth and guidance.
Bring towels for your seat, to use in the sauna or to dry off after a shower or hot tub. The only area where nudism is mandatory is by the pool. Everywhere else is clothing optional. Everyone has their own comfort zone. Lupin gives us the freedom and the safe space to lean into nudism and feel the glory of nature on our skin.
Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Visit our private naturist club and community for the day or stay the weekend. Our canyon is full of views and features. Gardens, as well as huge ferns, redwoods, lush moss, amazing wildflowers, a vast array of cacti and flowering plants. We are so fortunate to live in this diverse micro climate.   Explore our 110 acres that include our Nature paths. Take advantage of restorative waters of the pool, hot tub and purifying heat of the sauna.  Charming accommodations (yurts) and camping alternatives. Volleyball and tennis/pickle ball courts. Family activities, dances, concerts and other entertainment happen here. Explore the website more to find our calendar of events.

Lupin’s gate open at 9 am day fee for Couples $60 Singles $40 and enjoy Lupin Lodge for the day.

11 am Saturday Hatha Yoga- for the summer months, yoga will be at the pool area lawn in the Nudome Yurt.

This class is a gentle but challenging, adaptable to any level. Bring yoga mat and towel in case we use props.

After yoga we meet up at the Lupin Restaurant to have lunch. Feel free to bring your own. By 1 pm we gather together to do a Hill Top Hike and Labyrinth Meditation.


Let us know if your coming.

Lupin’s Office 408-353-9200

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