Experience the Joy of Nudism

Going nude in natural circumstances elicits a spectrum of responses as varied as the increasing number of people who also enjoy nudity in a social context.

What People Tell Us About Their Experience at Lupin:

“One of the great pleasures of life.”

“The freedom to be me.”

“The total sensations of sun, air and water.”

“Surprisingly relaxing.”

“No more soggy swimsuits.”

“A direct connection with nature.”

“Re-arranges the gender-power equation.”

“An invaluable reality check.”

“The feeling of total acceptance.”

“A truly spiritual experience.”

The wider American culture is basically shame-based, vacillating between puritanism and pornography in its attitude towards the nude human form. But there exists a joyous parallel universe, largely unknown and thus unavailable to the general public until the Internet emerged. Sadly, it is still a rare bookstore which stocks, much less displays, any of the long published guides to nude recreation.

This web guide is an introduction to an emerging paradigm which not only accepts the whole human body as natural but also celebrates it as the uniquely individual gift of life it is. You won’t find a lot of nude pictures in this site because it is not intended to serve voyeurism. It is designed to help all who are open to experiencing themselves as nature created us, especially nervous first-timers.

Introducing Lupin

Sited on 110 wooded acres in the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains, Lupin is a special blend of private nature park, destination resort, recreational/athletic/fitness/social club, mountain campground, art gallery/clubhouse/restaurant, spontaneous retreat, small conference center and certified massage school.

Open daily year-round, Lupin can be experienced as a one-day excursion, a weekend getaway, home-base for a Bay Area vacation or a short-term residence during massage training. It is conveniently located between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz only minutes from San Jose International Airport.

Lupin nurtures mind, body and spirit. Members and guests may choose to read, relax, hike, swim, float, soak, chat, play, lounge, snack, sunbathe, exercise, meditate, dine, learn, dance, camp, picnic, stargaze, snooze, volunteer, create, recreate or otherwise enjoy a variety of family-style entertainment and group activities.

Who Visits Lupin and Why?

Transcending differences of age, origin, appearance, career and gender, many people of wide diversity experience personal acceptance, psychic freedom and social harmony at Lupin. A recent profile/survey reveals our clientele to be productive citizens, thoughtful guests and intelligent free spirits, i.e., pleasant, good neighbors. Generally well-informed and well-traveled, they tend to be friendly, fun-loving and inclusive, yet respectful of any individual’s desire for privacy or solitude.

People’s reasons for visiting Lupin vary by individual. Many just seek a relaxing, natural break from stressful careers. Some, perhaps new to the Bay Area, come to meet new friends, while others become regular members to enjoy the familiar company of kindred souls. To the athletically inclined, Lupin offers the best nude volleyball in the Bay Area. Some members rarely miss a liberating opportunity to dance nude. Families enjoy Lupin because it appeals to inner children of all ages and offers choices of things to do both together and separately. For some individuals simply visiting Lupin provides an uplifting spiritual experience.

What’s It All About?

Social nudity is initially about improving a life-long relationship with one’s own quite unique body, the only possession on earth truly worth having, whatever shape it’s in. Simple “body acceptance” is the healthy, wholesome, inclusive, life-affirming, unifying theme. A rare experience of unselfconscious relaxation and universal acceptance of human reality is often a surprising bonus to the newly initiated.

Besides being personally liberating, experiencing social nudity is also both humanizing and equalizing. Without clothing’s message-laden facade people tend to accept one another as the special, sometimes fragile being each truly is. Mutual vulnerability promotes mutual respect, honesty and trust. Civilized behavior and open communications seem only natural within such a disarming context. (For better results our world leaders should try negotiations in a hot tub.)
Differentiating Nudity and Sexuality

An absence of sexual pressure is fundamental to the naturist experience at Lupin, which has served thousands of families since its founding in 1936. Club rules, naturist values and common sense define a clear difference between sexual behavior (excluded by consensus in all public areas) and nudity (encouraged everywhere on the grounds).

Such an ethic of confining all sexuality to “consenting adults in private” helps defuse sexual tension, as does an explicit non-harassment policy, which is enforced. Thus, public or predatory sexual conduct of any sort is quite rare (and, if illegal, also subject to prosecution). Gawkers may be asked to leave and not return.

Though people who meet at Lupin may often form close friendships and sometimes develop intimate relationships, just being nude at Lupin clearly does not signify sexual availability. In addition to being in bad taste, unwelcome sexual solicitations (especially from a new acquaintance) would be considered harassment and are grounds for expulsion.

Rediscovering Eden

Being clothes-free in a natural setting may theoretically reactivate some long-dormant genetic memory of a primordial existence well before smelly animal skins and scratchy fig leaves became fashion edicts to our ancestors. (Couldn’t an Eden “au naturel” be reflected in our DNA, as well as in our creation myths? After all, we humans survived tribally nude for a much longer time than the few centuries we’ve lived compulsively clothed.)

In plain fact, it just feels sensuously good and intrinsically wholesome to accept ourselves so completely and to experience nature and other people on an entirely “as is” basis. It’s refreshing. It’s relaxing. It’s liberating to mind, body and spirit. It’s just so completely natural.

Have you ever wondered what you might be missing by always remaining confined within a body-alienated society’s compulsory cover-up? In the final analysis, nude recreation has to be experienced to be believed. Try it, you’ll probably like it. No body’s perfect. Come as you are.

Still Nervous About a First-Time Nude Experience?

If you were typically raised religiously within a patriarchal, judgmental, censorial, body-shaming culture (or if you’re among the 80% of Americans who have not yet experienced the enlightening joys of coed skinny-dipping), then even the thought of social nudity may stir strong feelings and induce strange images much different from the truly relaxing nature of the experience. Some nervousness is common for almost everyone before taking the first plunge. (Acclimatization rarely takes more than an hour for even the most modest.)

Anxiety, guilt, self-rejection, embarrassment or fear of sexual arousal are not uncommon reactions stemming from the unnatural repressiveness of society’s widely enforced nudity taboo. If these negative responses in any part describe your feelings, then a thorough reading of this site (including Lupin’s expected behavior standards) is suggested before attempting a personal visit to Lupin or any other naturist locale.

To plan a visit call the Lupin Lodge office at:
(408) 353-9200

A Network for Nude Recreation

An adventuresome 20% of experiential North Americans (and a far higher percentage of blase Europeans) are seeking out nude recreation and clothing-optional getaways in growing numbers as a matter of leisure choice. Many now vacation only where they can avoid the need to bring a swim suit.

Besides introducing Lupin and exploring social nudity, this site also links to many other naturist related web sites, including clubs, resorts and organizations around the world which support or offer wholesome nude recreation. Reciprocal links with appropriate sites are welcome.