A Letter to the Community
from Lori Kay Stout
Dear Friends of Lupin Lodge,

In this letter I would like to directly share with you upcoming changes for the Lupin Lodge club and to avoid rumors. It is with a heavy heart and with much consideration and many sleepless nights that I must announce to you my upcoming retirement from Lupin Lodge.

I have been a member of Lupin for 41 years. I have managed Lupin Lodge myself for the last 18 years. When I first took over from Glyn, I thought I would be doing this for just three years. Since Glyn’s passing in November of 2015, I have been solely responsible for the management of the club and Lupin property with an ever-increasing workload. I have put in long working hours, often 24/7 for nearly two decades. Managing Lupin has been often so intense that I needed to back-burner my own successful art career.

It is time now to retire, to take better care of myself and focus my efforts on my highest priority, the health of my family. After some eye-opening meetings with my cardiologist, I realize that I need to consider my own health first and foremost.

With my retirement the Lupin Lodge club and the property on which we operate will go up for sale. The listing of the property will take place within a few weeks.  Lupin Lodge is a separate entity and could be preserved on this property or another depending on the individuals who are involved.

It is with all my heart that I wish for Lupin Lodge to continue without me. We have a former member and neighbor with extensive business experience who is willing to invest seven figures in the effort to continue Lupin. He is looking for additional investors to help. If you would like to be involved sign up on the website www.LupinClub.com.

There are several other options that I have thought of and probably many more. Our team involved with the sale would favor a bid for the property or separately the club by a potential consortium of Friends of Lupin. That could be a co-op or other naturist entity, landed or non-landed.

Please understand to continue Lupin on this property would face many challenges, including significant increases in taxes, insurance, compliance with new regulations, ADA, disability upgrades, septic upgrades and other deferred maintenance. Keeping Lupin compliant could require millions of dollars beyond a purchase. However, the wealth of the Bay Area is considerable, and we might find these backers.

Our sister club, Sequoians in Castro Valley, established in 1947, still operates as a co-op. I have great respect for the Sequoians. Friends of Lupin might consider application for Sequoians membership www.Sequoians.com.

My late husband Glyn always insisted that I put family first and that is what I intend to do. I have also promised myself to pursue my art career again as my health permits. I have given my very best to Lupin day-by-day over the decades and it is now time to pass the baton.

I realize that this change is disruptive for many of us. I truly hope that you will support this change and find a way to continue supporting the Lupin that we all love.

I am proud that the Stout Family has been able to provide 47 years of Bay Area Naturism. It was a wild ride. Thank you all for being a part of it.



Lori Kay Stout