Lupin Guest Behavior Agreement

Please practice the “Golden Rule” where each person agrees to respect the rights and comfort of all who share the Lupin grounds.

Guest and Members are expected to conduct themselves at all times with behavior which does not require an apology or an excuse.

The following rules are intended to create a safe, peaceful and relaxing space for everyone at Lupin. Serious violations are grounds for expulsion and/or suspension of membership.

You Agree Specifically:

  1. Participants agree to avoid behavior which is aggressive, harassing, embarrassing, overtly sexual or otherwise inappropriate to Lupin’s family oriented environment.
  2. Intoxication by any substance which promotes unwelcome behavior is a significantly more serious offense.
  3. Participants agree not to bring photography or video equipment on the grounds except under the rules of the Lupin Camera Club or with written approval of Lupin management.
  4. Participants will not use smartphone for photo or video on the Lupin Grounds
  5. Parents agree to maintain adequate supervision of their children and are accountable for their actions. Please respect “quiet areas” when managing your children. Use toilets and leak-proof diaper covers for pre-toilet-trained toddlers. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in pool and hot tub areas without responsible adult supervision.
  6. Smokers agree to refrain from smoking indoors and within confined areas. Please use courtesy in all areas and use ashtrays.
  7. Non-smoking areas include: all buildings and yurts, pool area, hot tub enclosures, the children’s playground, volleyball and tennis court enclosures and the entire Nature Trail.
  8. Participants agree to use earphones on radios, TVs, and tape/CD players in all areas. Please talk quietly in designated “Quiet Areas” namely, the pool and hot tub areas, clubhouse Lawn area.
  9. Participants agree to not wear clothing in pools, hot tubs and sauna, and to take showers before entering any of these facilities. (*Exception: Plastic todler diaper covers)
  10. Members agree to register and accompany their guests in accordance with current policy and to counsel them against any conduct which is not in the spirit of these agreements.
  11. Members agree to honor their financial obligations when due and to communicate difficulties or disputed amounts to the Lupin office on a timely basis, and to resign only by returning membership cards with attached written notice.
  12. Participants agree to provide proof of membership or registration upon reasonable request. (Stop and show card at office on each visit.)
  13. Miscellaneous agreements include:
  • Nudist Rule #1: Always sit on a towel when using a chair, bench or sauna.
  • No Weapons. No Fireworks. No Open Camp Fires.
  • Observe 10 MPH speed limit.
  • Observe safety rules posted at pools and hot tubs.
  • No glass in pool and hot tub enclosures or sauna.
  • No alcohol or food in hot tub enclosures or sauna.
  • Do not take restaurant utensils, dishes or other property from service area.
  • Wear light-soled court shoes for volleyball and tennis.
  • Use trash containers and ashtrays for all refuse.
  • Park courteously, using minimum space.