Frequently Asked Questions – How does this affect me?

1. What is the plan for the club? Lupin Lodge will remain open until escrow is closed and depending on the new owners. Until the end of this year, memberships will continue as they are. Starting January 1, 2024, there may be changes. We are looking into a single membership type where your card will allow access 24/7 as a member and day access for non-members will be curtailed. Of course, prepayments will be pro-rated to acknowledge the different fees. We will allow former long-term members the option to purchase a booklet of day membership passes like the book club or volleyball players who have been involved for decades. We expect the sales process to take several months to a year and possibly two. We plan to be very picky about offers. New owners may want to keep the Lupin tenants and business in place while they get their own permits. We estimate from a year or two to as much as 5 years depending on the timing of the sale and the wishes of the new owners.

2. Could Lupin remain on this property? That could happen if a consortium of Friends of Lupin makes a reasonable offer. We will favor offers from those who wish to continue Lupin, but the offers must be realistic. Lupin will not be sold to the first entity that makes an offer. If I had wanted to do that, I could have sold in 2016 after Glyn Stout passed.

3. Could the membership convince the daughter to continue Lupin? The Stout family estate does not allow my daughters any rights until they are much older. It was never planned for my daughters to continue the business. They are at college building their own futures.

4. If Lupin Lodge is sold as landed or non-landed what will happen to my information? Your information is confidential and would not be part of a sale.

5. What is the difference between a landed and non-landed club?  A landed club as with Lupin Lodge operates at a set location with leased or owned land. There are many secluded properties in the Bay Area that might serve as a location for a new Lupin Lodge. There are many landed and non-landed clubs in North America, and many are listed with the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society Foundation, TNSF.  A great example in Southern California is SCNA (

6. In my letter what do I mean by “Our Team”.  When our daughters were born Glyn put together a team, including an executor as well aa a financial advisor and attorneys. Recently we have added another financial advisor and real estate appraisers and broker for the sale.

7. For how much is the Lupin property to be sold? The opening listing price for Lupin will be $32,800,000. The listing price was determined with the help of one the most reputable appraisers along with an approved Santa Clara County referee and others. Of Course, we do not know what the property will sell for.

8. What are your plans? I plan to retire and move when the property is sold and escrow is closed, probably in a year or two. I have not decided on the location. My health and my family’s health come first and foremost. I hope to focus on renewing my art career if possible. In 2007 Glyn and I started the creation of a non-profit entity. I hope to complete what we started with a focus on art and helping to fund first generation college students like I once was. I will be available as an advisor to those who wish to create a future new Lupin if it is requested of me.

9. What can one do to help? Please be patient and help us by not spreading rumors. Let others in your life know the benefits of naturism and keep your pride about Lupin and Naturism. Live with integrity. If you want to be involved with a future Lupin please leave your contact information on the or if Lupin closes, apply to join our sister club Sequoians, in Castro Valley.  Lupin may provide you with contact information so you are able to contact groups that may be of interest.  Please note that these will not be operated by Lupin.  If we give you an email address, it does not mean that we are endorsing a person or group.